Election-Related Homilies and Talks

By Frank Pavone

How and Why We Vote Pro-Life

Praying for America with RSBN and Frank Pavone

Radio Spots and Transcripts

May 9, 2024: Talk to West Orange (FL) Republican Women Federated - Stopping Abortion Amendment 4

May 4, 2024: “Even Now” - Fighting Evil with Hope. Talk to Republican Party of Florida.

September 6, 2023: Luncheon for Republican Women of Southwest Florida

June 4, 2023: Speech at Faith & Freedom Coalition 'Road to Majority' Conference

November 15, 2022: Homily: Lord, Forgive the Sins Committed by Politicians and Voters

November 3, 2022: Homily: We Get The Public Officials We Deserve

August 14, 2021: Homily: Love Fights Evil Politics

November 3, 2020: Homily: Election Day

November 1, 2020: Homily: Imitating the Saints in Politics

October 25, 2020: Homily: Voting is a Tool By Which We Love our Neighbor

September 26, 2020: Homily: No Political Authority Can Authorize Abortion

August 26, 2020: Homily: Key Questions to Ask Candidates Before Voting

August 21, 2020: Homily: Modernism and Political Sins

August 5, 2020: Homily: How to Prepare for the Election

June 2, 2020: Homily: Give to Caesar: The Responsibility of Christians to Vote Pro-life

August 3, 2018: What Catholics Need to do in the 2018 Midterm Elections (Catholic Marketing Network)

July 20, 2017: God and Politics (Homily at Catholic Marketing Network)

October 6, 2016: Talk on Fundamental Question of the Election (New Hampshire Right to Life Banquet)

October 5, 2016: Talk to Catholic Leadership Conference on Elections and the Year of Mercy

September 29, 2016: The Elections and Virtue (EWTN Pilgrimage for the Catholic View for Women)

September 20, 2016: Religious Freedom, the HHS Mandate, and the Elections (Acceptance Speech for 2016 Freedom Fighter Award from the American Freedom Law Center, Plymouth, MI) [Watch the video]

March 21, 2010: Fr. Frank's sermon to Congress

September 6, 2008: The Elections (Salina, Kansas Diocesan Conference)

October 26, 2007: Talk at the Catholic Leadership Conference on Elections 2008

April 19, 2006: Jackson, MI Right to Life Banquet: Building on Victory in Another Election Year

EWTN Homilies from the live televised Mass:

July 2, 2004: Political Responsibility and the Right to Life:  Address of Fr. Frank to the National Right to Life Convention Prayer Breakfast [Transcript].

Homily on the political responsibility of the People of God

Talk: Challenging Government Leaders to Defend Life [Listen to part 1 and part 2]

Talk: Does the Church have a political role? [Listen to part 1 and part 2]

Homily for 30th Sunday, Cycle C (Elections and dangers of euthanasia and living wills)

A Personal Election Day Message from Fr. Frank (Audio)

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