Watch the President Trump Rallies!

Pro-Life MAGA!

One of the key ways to prepare for the 2020 elections and to motivate ourselves and others is to watch the rallies President Trump holds around the country.

I have placed links to his speeches below. The president’s message must be heard and understood by every voter who cares about America.

Exercising our political responsibility in an informed way requires us to go to the original sources in order to understand the candidates’ positions.

Don’t let the fake news decide for you what you do and do not hear from the President, or what he and his Administration stand for.

Instead, listen to the President himself as he speaks at these rallies.

He will speak about the great progress that has been made to make America safe and strong, both materially and morally.

He will speak about the ideals and principles in which we believe – including the right to life -- and how we can secure them and pass them on to future generations.

And he will speak about the dangers posed by the radical Democrat party.

Use the links below to watch these rallies, pass them along to as many others as you can so you can motivate your fellow citizens! If you are able, host a watch party.

And please join with us at Priests for Life to make America great again!

Tune in to the upcoming rallies and spread the word. See dates and times at


The following rallies were held in 2018, leading up to the midterm elections, and are still very valuable to watch inasmuch as they show the progress we have made and can continue to make under the President and a Republican Congress, in contrast to the dangers of the radical Democrat platform and policies. These rallies express the ideals we embrace as Americans – the principles which the President advances and which make America great.

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