Watch the President Trump Rallies!

One of the key ways to prepare for the 2020 elections and to motivate ourselves and others is to watch the rallies President Trump has held around the country. His message is clear, passionate and motivating. He unites our country around its highest principles and aspirations. He reminds us of the amazing accomplishments of his Administration and of the plans for even more progress. And he warns us of the dangers of a Democrat takeover.

At, you can see the schedule of upcoming events, whether to be held in person and online.

You can also watch the playlist of all the past rallies here and in the first video window below. The president’s message must be heard and understood by every voter who cares about America.

We also encourage you to watch the many online events that the Trump Campaign organizes. Various spokespersons of the multiple Campaign coalitions (including two that I participate in, the Pro-life Voices for Trump and Catholics for Trump), speak during these events and share their vision for why the President should be re-elected.

At this link and in the second video window below you’ll find the playlist of the online Campaign events that have already occurred.

Exercising our political responsibility in an informed way requires us to go to the original sources in order to understand the candidates’ positions.

Don’t let the fake news decide for you what you do and do not hear from the President, or what he and his Administration stand for.

Instead, listen to the President himself and to his Campaign spokespersons.

Please share the events below with as many people as you can! If you are able, host a watch party.

And please join with us at Priests for Life to make America great again!

Tune in to the upcoming rallies and spread the word. See dates, times, and registration link at

In the video window below, see the playlist of the President’s in-person Campaign rallies:

In the video window below, see the playlist of the Trump Campaign online events:

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