Priests for Life Leads National Prayer Campaign Against Abortion Ballot Initiatives

June 2024

Dear Friend of Life,

Priests for Life announced today a national prayer campaign to stop the pro-abortion ballot initiatives that will or may be on the ballot in this year’s election season.

The prayer campaign is being co-sponsored by Christians Engaged, Catholics for Catholics, and the National Pro-life Religious Council.

At you can find the interdenominational prayer at the core of this campaign. People can sign up at that page to commit to say the prayer each day between now and November 5th.

The Campaign is planning a national prayer broadcast to bring people together to pray and also to be educated on how dangerous, deceptive and extreme these ballot initiatives are and what they can do to stop them.

“These ballot initiatives are not a sign of the strength of the pro-abortion movement,” said Prolife Leader Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. “They are a sign of its weakness.

“First, they signify a fear of the legislative process, in which the abortion issue is more thoroughly examined and debated than it is in a ballot initiative process. The more abortion is examined, the more it is rejected.

“Moreover, the ballot initiatives are a sign of the desperation that abortion supporters have over the massive progress we in the pro-life movement have made in approximately half the states to increase protection of the unborn through the legislative process.

“Abortion policy has been placed squarely in the hands of the people and their elected representatives, not the courts. Abortion supporters want to cut off that process, under the guise of using it, and want to take away reasonable protections that most Americans and their legislators support. Constitutional amendments declaring a ‘right to abortion’ do just that, and go much farther than Roe v. Wade ever did. But as people discover the extremism, they will gradually reject it,” Pavone concluded.

Priests for Life and other participating groups will urge churches across America to lead prayer against these initiatives. Prayer groups, ministries, families, schools and individuals are urged to pray fervently that God may stop these designs of evil and that the unborn and their families may be protected in law from the violence of abortion.

Please spread the word!

Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

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