The Eucharist and Pro-Life

The Eucharist is the source and summit of the life of the Church. In 2024 the Church in the United States is making special efforts to promote education and worship of the Eucharist. On this page we assist that effort by showing the connections between the Eucharist and the pro-life commitment of the Church to defend the unborn from abortion.

See the talk our National Director, Frank Pavone, taped for this year’s Week of Prayer and Fasting. The talk is called “This is My Body: The Pro-life Commitment is Eucharistic”
The striking fact is that the same four words used by Jesus to bring life to the world are used by the promoters of abortion to bring death: "This is my body."

The Gospel of Christ is the Gospel of Life, and the source and summit of this life is the Eucharist, which is Christ Himself.

Priests for Life has traced many links between the Church's Eucharistic teachings and her Prolife teachings. Following are some links that explore these connections. 


Fr. Frank at the Archdiocese of St. Louis Eucharistic Congress: This is My Body: A Consistent Ethic of Life and Love (June 16, 2001) [Listen]

Fr. Frank on the connections between the Eucharist and the Pro-Life commitment. [Listen Part 1] [Listen Part 2]

Eucharistic Faith and Pro-Life Work [Listen Part 1] [Listen Part 2]

This is My Body

People of Life spot: This is My Body 

The following homilies were given by Fr. Frank between 1989 and 1993 while stationed at St. Charles Church in Staten Island, NY.

Corpus Christi Homily One

Corpus Christi Homily Two

Corpus Christi Homily Three

Evening Prayer of Corpus Christi One

Evening Prayer of Corpus Christi Two 

The Pro-Life Commitment is Eucharistic Brochure
Learn how Catholic teaching about the Eucharist shows us why we are pro-life.
Prayer to Jesus in the Eucharist Prayer Card
A pro-life prayer to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist who teaches us the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

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