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Janet Morana in the Holy Land - April 2012

Janet Morana is on a Footprints of God Pilgrimage to the Holy Land from April 22-May 1, 2012. She is joined by Catholic Radio's Teresa Tomeo and led by Catholic author, speaker and Holy Land guide, Steve Ray.

Day 3 photos

Day 4 photos

Day 5 photos




Tanner's House where St Peter received the vision where God explained inclusion of the Gentiles, Acts 10

Janet at Tanner's House

Outside Church of St. Peter

Janet Reading Acts 10

Teresa Reading Acts 10

Teresa at Tanner's House

Church of St. Peter in Jaffa

St. Teresa & St. John inside Church of Mt. Carmel

Inside Church of St. Peter

Boarding the bus with our pilgrims

Inside the Church of Mt Carmel, this is where the Carmelite order was founded. this is looking under the main altar and this is the cave where Elijah heard the Lord speaking to him in a still small voice, read 1 Kings 19

Inside the Church of Mt Carmel

Private Chapel inside Church of Mt. Carmel where we had Mass

Rosaries made of olive tree wood, which are laying in the cave of Elijah. Janet will be bringing these rosaries and placing them in all the Holy Places. Janet will be bringing them home for family and friends.

Inside Elijah's cave.

Statue of Elijah inside the cave.

Leaving Jaffa this afternoon and going to Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee.

Janet & Teresa putting our feet in the Sea of Galilee. Hopefully will get to swim in the Sea tomorrow afternoon

Buying a Mezuza

Last night in Jaffa at a Tapas restaurant

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