Statements on Non-Violence

A Series of excerpts from Fr. Frank Pavone's non-violence statements over the years

From a Press Release of August 1, 1994

I oppose the shooting of abortion providers.

Furthermore, even if problems were solved by killing people, such killing would still be wrong. We may never do evil that good may come about (see Romans 3:8). The end does not justify the means.

We reject violence against all human beings.

The shooting of abortionists is wrong.

All violence is wrong.

From a 1994 joint statement of pro-life leaders, written and spearheaded by Fr. Frank Pavone

We first of all reject violence as a solution to any problem.

Pro-life people who choose to kill are being inconsistent.

From a 1996 Brochure

Pro-lifers are to refrain from violence.

From a press release of January 22, 1997

It is never acceptable to destroy an innocent life for any purpose, including the purpose of ending abortion. We advocate only peaceful means to end this tragedy.


From an article of December 21, 1998

Priests for Life denounces the incidents of violence that have occurred against abortion providers.

All violence must be opposed, whatever one's beliefs about social issues.

From a press release of July 12, 2000

Priests for Life strongly condemns violence against any abortion provider, and is saddened to hear of the stabbing of Dr. Gary Romalis.

Dr. Romalis has said in the past, "No matter what people’s beliefs are with regard to the abortion issue, the shooting of a doctor is a violent act. It’s a terrorist act." We agree. Beliefs never justify violence…

From a Press release of April 1, 2001

Priests for Life, the Catholic association which assists clergy of all denominations to address the abortion issue, ….is offering $50,000 to anyone providing authorities with information leading to the capture of fugitives wanted for abortion clinic shootings.

Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of the group, stated: "The purpose of this reward is not only to help police apprehend abortion clinic shooting suspects, but also to actively discourage this kind of violence … In the event any abortionist is ever the victim of violence--- and we earnestly hope this will never happen again--- Priests for Life stands ready to assist financially in the capture of the criminal. That is how much we are committed to the philosophy of non-violence."

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