As Catholics, we have the unique opportunity to turn the abortion tragedy around.

Imagine the vast structure of the Catholic Church. In the United States alone, we have over 17,000 parishes, 6,000 schools, and 37,000 priests. If those priests can infuse that vast structure with clear, vigorous, and compassionate pro-life teaching and action, things would be vastly different.

The Church is the only institution that has a Divine guarantee that it will prevail over the culture of death. "The gates of hell will not prevail against it," the Lord Himself said (Mt.16:18). Those gates of hell cannot withstand the power of heaven. The gates of death fall in the presence of eternal life. Sin melts in the presence of saving grace. Falsehood collapses in the presence of living truth. These are the tools with which Christ has equipped His Church.

To fully exercise those gifts and apply those tools to the specific problems of abortion and euthanasia, therefore, does not so much require more structure as it does more spirit, more awareness, more courage, and more determination to use both the means and the opportunities we already have.

That is what Priests for Life is all about. From the heart of the Church, it is a movement of priests seeking to help the rest of the Church to use her full strength against the most devastating attacks on human life in our day. Priests for Life embraces the consistent ethic of life as it is explained in the Bishop's Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities: A Reaffirmation (1985).

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