What is the Purpose of Priests for Life?

The purpose of Priests for Life is to end abortion, which claims more victims than any other act of violence. We exist to help everyone who shares this goal.

Priests for Life was started in 1991* to do one of the most important tasks in the Church today . . . to help priests around the world spread the Gospel of Life to their people.

We have grown beyond that original focus, but that is still an important part of our work that so many in the pro-life movement want to support.

The ministry of the priest is demanding. The priest presents to the world truths that are difficult to grasp. The priest confronts injustices in the world, which are often deeply entrenched in the attitudes and laws of society. Priests must be steadfast in calling for the protection of life at every stage, in exposing the myths surrounding abortion, and in working with others to provide compassionate alternatives.

The priest, amidst the demands of his ministry, needs support and encouragement from his congregation, his bishop, and his fellow priests. Priests for Life was founded to provide encouragement and support in the defense of human life.

Our up-to-date information equips priests to stand confidently in front of their congregations and preach the Gospel of Life. Our materials and seminars help priests to identify and overcome any fears they may have in this regard.

The mission of Priests for Life is to unite and encourage all clergy to give special emphasis to the need to protect the unborn. It also seeks to help them take a more vocal and active role in the effort to end abortion. Priests for Life exists in order to show the clergy how to fight the culture of death.

* With approbation given by Archbishop John Quinn according to Canon 299.

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