What is Priests for Life's strategy to end abortion?

The Priests for Life strategy to end abortion is multifaceted. Here, we focus on our work of activating the clergy.

For every priest, deacon, or minister we are able to train and motivate, thousands in their congregations will be activated to become pro-life. If we help a few hundred clergy --literally millions will hear the pro-life message. This is our simple and effective formula for winning the fight to end abortion: To raise up priests and other clergy who are well-equipped to lead the Fight for Life!

Three Main Goals in Assisting Clergy

The first goal in this aspect of our work is to network clergy who are particularly active in pro-life work. We highlight the activity of such clergy in our newsletters and broadcasts; we put clergy in contact with each other across the nation to share ideas, resources and experiences concerning effective pro-life ministry. Clergy who may feel alone or isolated because of their special emphasis on life issues are assured that they are never alone.

A second goal is to assist clergy who may be hesitant about addressing abortion. By means of literature, seminars and direct personal assistance, the Priests for Life association can help a priest to identify his fears, uncertainties, or misconceptions about the issues involved or about the pro-life movement itself.

A third goal is to assist clergy to connect in productive ways with pro-life organizations, and vice versa. The sheer number and variety of pro-life groups in the United States can be quite confusing and overwhelming. The influx of literature, as good as it may be, can be dizzying. How does a busy pastor sort out what the initiatives, activities, and strategies of the movement are? How can he know what resources he can rely on in his parish, and what strategies of particular groups are in accord with the pastoral plan and teaching of the Church? Priests for Life can provide this type of guidance.

Priests for Life knows intimately the philosophy and strategies of pro-life groups both big and small, as well as the persons behind them. We maintain communication and good relations with all such groups, working with them on the local and national levels and bringing the leaders together for regular strategy meetings. In our newsletter, we seek to summarize suggested strategies and resources for busy clergy.

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