A Message of Mercy and Healing for Those who have Suffered Abortion Loss

Kevin Burke available to speak after Masses at Catholic parishes and at pro-life events.

Abortion is the most important political issue in the United States but it is also a deeply personal issue that can affect everyone who has been involved in the loss of a child.

Kevin Burke, LSW, co-founded Rachel’s Vineyard along with his wife, Dr. Theresa Burke and has worked since 2004 bringing hope and healing to those who have experienced abortion loss. Rachel’s Vineyard is the largest ministry in the world for healing after abortion. Kevin is also one of the leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, the world’s largest mobilization of mothers, fathers and family members who share their testimonies about the loss of a child to abortion. Kevin is an expert on men and abortion loss, and is an author and speaker on the topic.

Kevin specializes in presenting key themes about suffering and healing after abortion in compelling and easy to understand presentations. He uses video case presentation and PowerPoint to offer a multi-level experience that is engaging, moving and informative. Kevin's presentations address the effects of abortion on men, couples and families and train clergy and counselors for effective post abortion ministry.

Kevin’s message can be tailored to fit your needs. For example, he can focus on men and abortion, or how abortion impacts marriage and family life or a general overview of the issue. Every presentation will be a message of hope and healing available in Christ and His Church and the time-tested healing programs for abortion loss. Most importantly, his message will encourage and inspire those suffering from this loss to learn more about this issue and attend a healing program.

Kevin can offer a one-hour overview or a half or full-day presentation. He can also offer brief post-communion messages of hope and healing to faith communities.

A deeper healing of this loss brings such blessings, and strengthens one's relationship with God, spouse and living children. In time this will provide a great benefit to your parish as those who are free of this burden often discover they are called in various ways to build up God’s kingdom and serve in parish life.

Kevin's topics include:

Tears of the Fisherman: Learning from St. Peter about men and abortion loss
Healing the Great Divide: It's not as simple as "a woman's private choice"
Liberty to the Captives: Healing the prison population from the wound of abortion.

Listen to a sample of Kevin's post-communion talk.

Kevin Burke spoke after communion at our 5 masses at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish... He got an ovation at the close of each of his talks, and was very well received with a number of people staying afterwards to talk to him. Kevin shared a brief personal testimony of his role in an unplanned pregnancy, and how this loss can touch fathers, grandparents and other family and friends. It was a gentle, but powerful invitation to experience the mercy and healing of Christ and His Church, found in abortion healing programs like Rachel’s Vineyard. - Ann Rave, Immaculate Heart of Mary Respect Life Committee

You may communicate with Kevin, and inquire about his availability, at Kevin@SilentNoMore.com.

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