Exposed: Late Term Abortion - What Can I Do About It?

Every abortion is morally unacceptable, and every baby is equally deserving of protection.

However, Priests for Life has long been convinced that in moving the American public and policy away from abortion, we start by talking about what is most obvious -- and most upsetting -- and then move on to what is less obvious. And restoring protection to every baby is -- like everything else in life -- a process involving many steps.

For decades, the Priests for Life team has focused on late-term abortion as the door to the larger abortion debate our nation needs to have. Polling consistently indicates that even most "pro-choice" people oppose late-term abortion.

Yet the pro-abortion side pushes for state constitutional amendments, and state and federal laws, that impose a policy of abortion with few if any limits.

Despite appearances to the contrary, we have NOT been having an abortion debate in this country.

That’s because when you and I say the word “abortion,” we know that it means the dismemberment of living children.

When the pro-abortion fanatics say the word, they talk about “women’s health” and “reproductive rights” and “freedom of choice.”

In other words, they don’t talk about abortion.

So please join us in the effort to expose and end late-term abortion and all abortion.

  1. Have people look at the reality of abortion, using websites like we’ve set up at Utilize the diagrams of dismemberment abortion.
  2. Listen to and spread the phone calls we commissioned, showing late term abortions being booked for healthy moms carrying healthy babies. In the calls, which you can listen to below, our caller poses as a pregnant mother seeking an abortion appointment, usually in the latest stages of pregnancy, with both the mother and baby in perfect health. In one call, we hear the clinic schedule an abortion for a healthy mother carrying a healthy baby at 32 weeks of pregnancy!
  3. Help elect candidates who are pro-life instead of the pro-abortion candidates who want unlimited abortion. Go to

We ask you to spread this information in every way you can. Show people that healthy babies, carried by healthy mothers, are being aborted in the second and even third trimester of pregnancy.

We have also created a survey which measures people’s opinions on late term abortion. You can find it at or click on the button below. We are particularly interested in people who consider themselves “pro-choice” filling out the survey. Their responses will be very important for this project so please share the survey in any way possible!


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