Health Care Alert

Below is commentary about the health care debate specifically as it relates to the health care reform (Afordable Care Act) initiated by President Obama.

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Click here for legislative updates providing a running history of the health care debate

Fr. Frank's sermon to Congress (March 21, 2010)

Click here for Bishops' statements on health care reform

Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious support the Bishops (pdf) 

Click here for a list of Congressman who are undecided on the health care bill and most need a visit from you. (PDF) 

National Right to Life Health Care website - up to the minute health care reform updates!

Statement from Fr. Frank Pavone and the National Pro-Life Religious Council - December 19, 2009

Bishops Call for Unprecedented, Massive Catholic Opposition to Abortion in Health Care Reform

To see how your Representative voted on the Stupak-Pitts Amendment  go to - click on the "Home" tab and under "NRLC Vote Scorecards"  press GO for the U.S. House voting record.   The Stupak-Pitts Amendment is under number 4.

Recent polls show the majority of Americans oppose government funding of abortion

Post-abortive women make their voices heard on health care reform!

Stealth Care (Fr. Frank Pavone Bi-weekly Column: TEXT AUDIO

Urge your Senators to oppose Senator Reid's pro-abortion health care bill

Passing the Stupak-Pitts Amendment Does Not Solve the Abortion Problem by Deal Hudson

20 Questions you should ask your Legislator about the Health Care Overhaul - By FRCAction (PDF)

US Bishops launch website on health care reform

An open letter from African American leaders to President Obama

Download Health Care and Abortion talking Points in PDF format.

Letter from Bishop Murphy and the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development (PDF)

Fr. Frank Pavone and Anne Ameno, Priests for Life Correspondence and Public Outreach department, discuss abortion and the Health Care Reform Bill while hosting on Radio Maria Catholic Radio Network, Tuesday, July 21. Listen to the audio here. 


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