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Unwanted children and child-abuse: A woman who favors legal abortion has asked, "If women are denied access to abortion, who will pay for all those unwanted children?" Pro-choicers have said that pro-lifers "never give a thought to the children who will be abused if women lose the right to bear only loved and wanted children." They say, "Right-to-lifers claim to be pro-family, but they never consider the strain an unwanted child places on a family."

Letter Number: 113

Radical abortion advocates continue to hammer away at the argument that ending abortion will cause all manner of social problems for our nation.

There is something wrong with this picture. Thirty years ago they were clamoring that legalizing abortion would solve all our social problems. But today, after more than 20 years of legal abortion, and over 30 million children killed, every single social problem we faced when we began this grizzly business is considerably worse. We have more teenage pregnancies, more hunger, more welfare, more divorces, more women and children living in poverty, more child abuse, more spousal abuse, more deadbeat dads, more gangs, more drugs, more sexually transmitted diseases, more high school drop-outs, more homelessness, and a generally more fractured and violent society.

So where's the payoff? The only answer from the abortion industry is that stopping abortion will make these problems worse. In short, they're asking us to ignore the fact that these problems got worse when abortion was made legal, and blindly accept that they'll get worse if abortion is made illegal.

It is utterly preposterous. Perhaps it's time we acknowledged that killing people is a bad way to solve social problems. It's morally indefensible, and it apparently doesn't work. Moreover, it's the ultimate act of selfishness. After all, no one ever volunteers to die to solve a social problem, they only insist that others do.

Letter Number: 116

Abortion enthusiasts have asked, "How can right-to-lifers get so wrapped up in ending abortion when we can't even feed the children who are already starving?"

Excuse me? The children who are starving aren't American children. They are in Third-World nations whose repressive regimes deliberately starve their own people. What kind of sense does it make to try to correct this situation through abortion in the United States? It's like these abortion fanatics are saying, "Children are starving in Ethiopia, so let's have more abortions in America!"

Abortions in America won't give Third-World children a bite to eat. Abortions in America won't overthrow a totalitarian regime. Abortions in America won't allow free enterprise in other countries, won't improve farming techniques, won't build roads, won't improve the food distribution system. No matter how many abortions there are in America, it won't make a single thing any better for even one starving Third-World child. The fact is, not one child anywhere in the world starves because of unborn children. They starve because corrupt political systems deny them access to food.

Aesop had a fable about a lamb meeting a wolf at a stream. The wolf came up with half a dozen feeble reasons why he should kill the lamb, none of which were valid. Finally he declared that the lamb's father must have done something that would justify his eating the lamb. The moral of the story?

Any excuse will serve a tyrant.

Letter Number: 117

Abortion proponents argue, "How can right-to-lifers get so wrapped up in ending abortion when we can't even feed the children who are already starving?"

Funny thing about abortion advocates--no matter what the problem, they're sure abortion will solve it.

For the sake of argument, I'll make the absurd assumption that somehow abortion could reduce poverty. What kind of solution would that be? How rational is it to eliminate hunger by killing babies that aren't eating yet? It's bad enough that pro-abortion extremists propose that we use violence to solve problems. But they aren't even suggesting that we kill the people with the problem--they're suggesting we kill people who have nothing to do with it.

These abortion fanatics may say it is sad but necessary to kill some innocent people to achieve their ends. But I agree with Gandhi, who said, "I object to violence, because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary, but the evil it does is permanent."

And if chopping up live babies isn't violence, what is it?

Letter Number: 118

Some abortion proponents have claimed that we need abortion because of "scarce resources."

What is very interesting is that when these people advocate killing children because of scarce resources, they always propose that we kill the children who use the least resources.

Think about it. They claim that starving Third-World mothers "need" abortion, although one privileged American baby could potentially use up enough resources in a lifetime to support an African village for years.

If the real issue were scarce resources, wouldn't they be demanding abortions for the rich? But of course, they don't, because they are the rich. They want to kill the children of the poor, who use very few resources, to allow more resources for themselves. They want to take away sustenance from the poor to give luxuries to the rich.

Is there a bit of class warfare going on here? Is this a classic example of the utter selfishness of abortion?

Letter Number: 119

Abortion enthusiasts argue, "How can right-to-lifers get so wrapped up in ending abortion when we can't even feed the children who are already starving?"

Let me turn that around. How can abortion enthusiasts get so wrapped up in helping promote abortions when there are so many children starving in the world?

While children starve, abortion supporters spend millions on full-page ads in Time, Newsweek, and the New York Times whining that in some states, women have to cool their heels for 24 hours before an abortion.

While children starve, pro-abortion activists jet all over the country at tremendous expense fighting efforts to make abortionists wash their hands between patients.

While children starve, abortion fanatics hold fund-raisers to bring chemical abortions to America when we are already doing 1.5 million surgical abortions a year.

And the list goes on and on. The point is that while children starve, abortion proponents spend their resources promoting abortion in America. They willingly let children starve while they pursue their own political whims. Now, you tell me which side has its priorities mixed up.

Letter Number: 120

Abortion proponents have argued that we need abortion in the U.S. because there are so many children who don't have decent food, clothing, housing, and medical care. And while I agree that it is terrible that children live in poverty, I don't agree that the wealthiest nation on Earth lacks the resources to care for them.

We have plenty of ability to spend: $1.2 billion a year goes to professional baseball and football game tickets, $2.2 billion to licensed sporting goods, $8.9 billion to recreational vehicles, and $10 billion to guns and ammunition. Another $50 billion is spent on beer and $300 billion on legalized gambling. The list goes on and on, but just these examples amount to over $370 billion spent on things that are entirely discretionary. This money could go a long way toward providing the necessities of life for our children.

Maybe it isn't a matter of whether we "need" abortion to care for our children. Maybe the real issue is whether we think babies are more important than drinking beer, watching football, driving Jeeps, shooting animals, and playing the lottery.

Letter Number: 121

Abortion advocates have argued that abortion is better for a child than being born into poverty.

Yes, it is a shame that some children lack basic necessities like decent housing, clothing, food, and medical care. But that doesn't doom them to a miserable life. Abraham Lincoln, Beethoven, George Washington Carver, and other great achievers were born into poverty. Many unsung heroes and heroines who raise responsible children, pay their taxes, and hold our communities together are born into poverty. The compassionate response to poverty is to help people climb out of it, not kill them off.

Poverty makes a child's life difficult. Abortion makes it impossible.

Letter Number: 122

Abortion advocates try to advance their agenda with the old, tired line about overpopulation.

This whole argument started with an essay published by Thomas Malthus in 1798. Malthus argued that population grows faster than food production, and that unless we took draconian measures to halt population growth, famine and disaster would result.

Of course, all of his predictions turned out to be completely wrong. But the faithful never question their apostle. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger jumped on the Malthusian bandwagon and brought doomsaying to America.

Here, it was picked up by the U.S. government and gradually ripened under the influences of people like Paul Ehrlich. Ehrlich is the perfect successor to Malthus: to date none of his predictions has been proven even remotely accurate, but still the faithful follow unquestioningly wherever he leads them. Despite the fact that American food production has been outstripping population growth for decades, the worshippers of Malthus nevertheless promote abortion for the sake of population control.

Now, here we are, having millions of abortions to solve a problem that exists only in the minds of practitioners of a materialistic religion founded by a charlatan almost 200 years ago.

Are we nuts or what? If having abortions to solve a problem that doesn't exist isn't crazy, what is?

Letter Number: 123

Some congressmen are opposed to the proposed abortion legislation because they say "it will impose an unequal burden on poor women."

I find it interesting that poor women are never the ones agitating for greater "access to abortion." As a group, they have never complained that they wanted abortions, asking instead for decent housing, better schools, and a chance to rise out of poverty. Naturally, pro-choice lawmakers offer them abortions. (Isn't it curious that it always seems to be rich, white elitists and liberal busybodies who are so worried about poor women having "access to abortions"?)

Ironically, this may be one of those rare cases in which the poor might welcome an unequal burden. It's certainly no secret that when there is social inequality, the poor inevitably get the worst of it. But with abortion, the opposite is true. After all, when abortion is illegal the children of the poor are safer than the children of the rich because their mothers can't afford abortions.

Of course, that's probably unfair to the wealthy, but we'll let them worry about that.

Letter Number: 124

One speaker at yesterday's pro-abortion rally claimed that abortion is necessary for poor women who can't afford another child.

If abortion is such a good idea in these cases, I wonder if this means he is willing to require abortions for women who cannot afford another child? I also wonder if this means he is willing to prohibit abortions for women who can afford another child? Of course, the answer is absolutely not. He was just exploiting the poor as a way to justify abortion-on-demand for anyone who simply doesn't want to be pregnant. He only brought up poor women to make himself seem "caring" and "compassionate." It doesn't strike me as particularly compassionate to suggest that the children of the poor are less entitled to life than the children of the non-poor. And it is especially loathsome for some slick politician to exploit them for his own disgraceful political agenda. The poor don't need his cut-rate abortions. They need his respect.

Letter Number: 324

An abortionist defended her business in her guest editorial yesterday by saying, "It's better to be aborted than to face a life of poverty, deformity, or unwantedness." She spoke of how the children she aborted might otherwise grow up to be, at best, losers.

That sounds familiar. Serial murderer Henry Lee Lucas said, "I killed people I didn't think was worth living anyhow."

Could it be that all serial killers think alike?

Letter Number: 414

This year's annual pro-abortion rally featured the usual cries about how we need abortion in order to prevent child abuse, homelessness, poverty, family break-up, and just about every other social ill.

Funny thing is, all those things that they say abortion will solve have only gotten worse and worse after abortion was legalized.

You know, one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Year after year they do one and a half million abortions, and things get worse. So they do another million and a half abortions, and things get worse. So they do more abortions. Things get worse. And so on, for over 20 years. They've done over 35 million abortions, and have more problems than ever.

You would think that sooner or later they would catch on. It's like hitting yourself over the head again and again and wondering why you have a headache.

Obviously legalized abortion is a failed experiment. Let's try something new, okay?

Letter Number: 415

To hear the abortion supporters at yesterday's rally, abortion is the single greatest boon to humanity since the discovery of the wheel. It prevents divorce, child abuse, maternal mortality, neonatal death, overpopulation, famine, deforestation, alcoholism, poverty, global warming, incontinence, crime, pollution, and social isolation. It helps women find mates, finish school, get promoted at work, be lucky in love, build a dream house, take that vacation in Aruba, find a cure for the common cold.

I haven't heard any claims that abortion prevents hair loss or helps you catch fish, but there are probably people out there somewhere doing studies right now to prove that it does. If your roof leaks, your car won't start, your kid gets bad grades, and your favorite football team is having a lousy season, somewhere you can find an abortion enthusiast who can explain to you how abortion can fix it.

Every snake-oil salesman claims that his product will solve all your problems. These snake-oil salesman claim that abortion won't just solve your own personal problems, it will solve all the world's problems as well. Feeling bad about those rapes in Bosnia? Have an abortion! Afraid the Russians will get a manned ship to Mars before we do? Abortion will fix that, too!

We need to be wise consumers and start insisting that these people substantiate their absurd claims. While they're at it, maybe they can explain why every social problem that they claim will get worse if we make abortion illegal, has gotten worse since abortion was legalized. And that's not some half-baked theory, it's a fact.

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