Abortion Advocacy 'incompatible' with Public Office


Document Publication: Cox News Service-Atlanta, GA

Publication Date: September 26, 2004

Supporting abortion is a stand that should exclude a person from public office, said Father Frank Pavone, reported Cox News Service. Father Pavone, national director of Priests for Life and president of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, spoke at a Christian Coalition workshop in Washington, D.C., "Road to Victory 2004."

The conference, held Sept. 23-25, brought together more than 50 representatives from various religious denominations - and even atheists - and pro-life groups. Father Pavone compared politicians who support abortion rights to individuals that support terrorism.

"By gathering a group of people that is very diverse politically, philosophically, ethnically and religiously, we are aiming to destroy the stereotypes under which many labor, namely, that opposition to abortion must come only from one's religious or political affiliation," Father Pavone said, according to LifeSite News.

"Because abortion is an act of violence that destroys an entire segment of the public," Father Pavone said," no one who ignores the victims of abortion is worthy to hold public office."

Father Pavone also announced a pro-life voter education campaign that Priests for Life was set to launch a month before Election Day. The campaign will target Christians who attend church and favor pro-life candidates, the story said.

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