Fr. Pavone speaks to Legatus members in Orlando

Terry O. Roen

Document Publication: Florida Catholic-Orlando, FL

Publication Date: November 15, 2001

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Respect Life advocate Father Frank Pavone warned that Americans must take note of the recent tragedies and connect their feelings of rage to this nation's disregard for violence against the unborn.

The national director of Priests for Life spoke to a gathering of Legatus members in Orlando Nov. 8. Father Pavone has traveled to all 50 states and five continents to spread the pro-life message.

During his stay in Orlando, Father Pavone also met with a group of Centurions, people who previously worked at abortion clinics but now follow the pro-life movement.

"No war, crime or disease takes more human lives than abortion," Father Pavone said. "Here in the United States, there are 4,000 abortions performed every day. Our society will be healed from abortion when we connect this issue with other concerns."

Some of those concerns Father Pavone mentioned were the trend of children killing children.

He also talked about partial birth abortions and recent legislation allowing stem-cell research.

The priest spoke about the outrage the nation felt when more than 5,000 people died during the World Trade Center crash. He said people should feel the same indignation over babies who die from abortion.

"Think if Sept. 11 were repeated on a daily basis," said Father Pavone. "Four thousand lives are taken every day as violently and as wrongly. America must connect the dots. Maybe this is a time for radical change."

Father Pavone, who was ordained as a priest of the New York Archdiocese by the late Cardinal John O'Connor in 1988, became national director of the New York-based Priests for Life in 1993.

He conducts seminars on pro-life strategies for the clergy as well as pro-life organizations. He has produced many television and radio programs on abortion, such as the ongoing series on the worldwide Eternal Word Television Network.

Father Pavone was awarded the 2001 Right to Life Award. He was asked by Mother Teresa to address the clergy in India in 1994 on life issues. Two years later, he spoke at a pro-life caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Father Pavone urged the members of Legatus, who are business CEOs and presidents, to get involved in the pro-life movement.

"Pro-life needs to be as professional and highly organized as any business," Father Pavone said.

"We need people like you. Go out and do it with courage."

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