Fr West joins in protest of Peter Singer


Document Publication: Catholic Spirit - Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN

Publication Date: August 25, 1999

Diocese Of Trenton

Gynetics' Preven, Princeton's Singer spur peaceful protests

The approximately 75 pro-life protestors who assembled Aug. 17 at the Belle Mead headquarters of Gynetics Inc., and at Princeton University were well aware that the pro-death culture in the United States has expanded fronts.

The women and men came from as far as Chicago and Virginia to alert many passersby to the fact that Preven, the so-called "emergency contraceptive'' released by Gynetics not only works as contraceptive as the company states, but also as an abortifacient causing an early abortion if a woman is already pregnant.

The protest on Nassau St. at the main gate of Princeton University immediately followed the Gynetics gathering spotlighting the hiring by Princeton University of bioethicist Peter Singer as a tenured chair at the Center for Human Values effective July 1.

On hand for both demonstrations were members of New Jersey Right to Life , Lifenet Morristown; Rock for Life (a division of American Life League in Stafford, Va.); Priests for Life, Staten Island; and local pro-life individuals.

'Classical Deception'

Joseph M. Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League headquartered in Chicago, called Gynetics' description of Preven a case of "classical deception" meant to conceal from women critical information about how the Preven kit acts, as well as some of the serious side effects of taking the drug, even when taken according to directions.

"We have been hearing from the women who bought this kit. This one woman vomited and had severe bleeding for a whole month. (Gynetics) doesn't tell you all that. They make it seem very simple, easy and guiltless," he said.

"There is no doubt that the manufacturers of Preven are being dishonest with women when they hide the truth that this product functions as an abortifacient. It kills children and they know it. They are in it for the profit," stated John Tomicki, executive director, League of American Families.

The issue at hand is also a "redefinition" of when a human life begins. "Doctors and biologists know that human life begins at conception," Tomicki stated. The embryonic baby is expelled and dies when the womb is made hostile to its ability to implant.

Father Peter West, Priest Associate of Priests for Life in Staten Island, said that "We are here to raise consciousness, and just as Mary stood by Jesus at the foot of the Cross, witnessing to the dignity and value Christ's life, so also we are witnesses to the value of the lives of these tiny human beings."

Marie Tasy, director of public legislative affairs for New Jersey Right to Life and member of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Milltown, is especially outraged that Gynetics includes a pregnancy test in the Preven kit.

"The makers of Preven know that the presence of an embryonic baby cannot be detected 72 hours after intercourse, so by including the pregnancy test, women are given the false impression that they aren't pregnant when they might be," she said.

William J. Calvin, president of Lifenet, Morristown, sees an ominous trend in all of this. "(Gynetics) has redefined the beginning of human life to be implantation" rather than conception, he said, allowing them to discard embryos.

'Princeton, Dump Singer!'

That very utilitarian mentality, which is espoused by Prof. Peter Singer, inspired the group to continue their pro-life protest at the gate of Princeton University. Singer is an outspoken and highly controversial proponent of infanticide and euthanasia for the disabled. In his most recent book, Rethinking Life and Death, he proposes replacing the Judeo/Christian ethic with "new commandments," a non religious, eugenics mentality.

Erik and Tina Whittington, who represented Rock for Life, a division of American Life League, traveled from Stafford, Va., to appear at both demonstrations. They had just completed the annual pro life Crossroads walk across the country which concluded in Washington D.C.

John Howard, a member of the diocesan Commission for Pro-Life Action and chairman of the diocesan Euthanasia Task Force, expressed deep concern that Prof. Singer's and anti-life beliefs "cross the line" of decency and respect for humanity, especially since they influence so many young adults.

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