Pro-Life Radio Programs on Catholic Family Radio


Document Publication: Southwest Kansas Register - Dodge City, KS

Publication Date: June 20, 1999

Priests for Life is proud to announce that its national director, Fr. Frank Pavone, has a brand new pro-life radio program called "Life and Choice, broadcast every Sunday morning, 8-9 a.m., Pacific Time, on Catholic Radio Network.

The show will focus on all facets of the pro-life movement, and will feature many exciting guests. Powerful and provocative, the series is sure to hearten pro-lifers of all ages, and cause an uproar in the "pro-choice" community.

"Life and Choice" will literally reach millions of people with the pro-life message. It is presently being broadcast into seven major cities across the U.S.! And plans are now underway to radically expand this market before the end of the year. There is simply no telling how many babies' lives will be saved because of this new show. An entire audience is being opened to us! We invite you to join us in prayerful thanksgiving to God for blessing our work so abundantly!

This is only the latest in a host of media projects Priests for Life has been engaged in for the past several years, including:

An award winning, annual, 13-part "Defending Life" series broadcast into 55 million American homes and 38 different countries on Eternal Word Television Network. (EWTN), and on EWTN Global Catholic Radio, which reaches both shortwave and AM-FM stations.

A growing pro-life presence on the Odyssey Channel, a religious cable network broadcast into 33 million American homes (with a different demographic profile than EWTN).

A weekly program on Vatican Radio entitled, "Where Do We Go From Here?"

A syndicated pro-Life column printed in many diocesan newspapers across the country, with a combined circulation in the hundreds of thousands.

An award-winning "mega" website ( which attracts an incredible 7000 visitors a day and over 200,000 a month.

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