Priest crusades with anti-abortion message

Jennifer Plunkett

Document Publication: Spokane, WA and Couer d'Alene

Publication Date: November 03, 1996

When the Rev. Frank Pavone travels across the country to spread his anti-abortion message, he makes a point to visit abortion clinics. Not to protest or block doorways and not to make demands.

Rather, the director of the nationwide Priests for Life stands outside the clinics and prayerfully reads aloud the names of 18 women who died while having abortions.

"There's nothing better to fire you up than praying outside these facilities while abortions are going on," he said Saturday to an enthusiastic audience of more than 50 people at Gonzaga University.

Pavone is in town this weekend as part of his crusade for Priests for Life, a group that helps Roman Catholic priests and members of the anti-abortion movement become a bridge between the community and pregnant women seeking guidance.

He spoke to Spokane and Coeur d'Alene youth groups, students and congregations.

Audience members asked what they can do to help their parishes become more active in the antiabortion movement.

He advised parishioners to let their pastors know they are serious about getting involved and doing the work that's necessary to spread the word.

A Gonzaga sophomore, J.P. Daily, said he was glad to hear Pavone shift the focus of the pro-life movement to include the welfare of the mother.

"I think the mother has been neglected by both sides" said the 20-year-old from Kennewick. "It brings love and charity into the movement."

Pavone appearances

The Rev. Frank Pavone will give the homily at today's 8:30 and a.m. masses at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Coeur d'Alene. He will also lead a workshop at St. Thomas Catholic Church Center, 406 N 10th in Coeur d'Alene..

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