Priests for Life Canada

Arthur J. Brew

Document Publication: The Wanderer - St. Paul, MN

Publication Date: August 15, 1996

Priests for Life has now expanded to Canada, according to National Director Fr. Frank A. Pavone.

A group of seven lay persons, two deacons, and one priest formed Priests for Life, Canada in Pembroke, near Ottawa.

"This is tremendous news," said Fr. Pavone, "because Canada has a similar abortion problem to what we have in the United States. Abortion is legal until the time of birth, and in Canada abortions are committed mostly in hospitals, as opposed to free-standing clinics. And it's a known fact that Catholics in Canada obtain abortions as often as non-Catholics.

"Euthanasia, most often referred to as 'mercy killing,' is at the Canadians' doorstep - like it is in the United States. Many Catholics are unable to distinguish the difference between a 'dignified death' and the term 'mercy killing '

"It's the duty of all Catholics to involve themselves in educating their Catholic brothers and sisters on pro-life issues, and that's exactly what this group in Canada is doing. Each year in Canada approximately 110,000 babies are killed and their mothers exploited by abortion. I thank God that Priests for Life, Canada is launching an effort in Catholic churches across that country to put a stop to the killing. "

Priests for Life, Canada is currently seeking a priest who is able to take on the role of national director. To reach this goal, the group is working to increase its membership of priests, and also to build a financial base to support the national director and his work.

The organization is being run out of Mike Vande Weil's home in Pembroke.

The national office of Priests for Life in the United States is located in New York; phone (718) 980-4400 Fax 718-980-6515

Priests for Life is now on the World Wide Web at https://www.

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