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Robert O Steen

Document Publication: Florida Catholic-Orlando, FL

Publication Date: June 02, 1995


 No lie can live forever.

That was the message delivered at St. Malachy Pro-life Day gathering by Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests For Life.

Pro-abortionists say the church is pro-life because it is male dominated, he said at the Mass.

"They don't know what they are talking about. The reason the church is pro-life is because the church is feminine. She is a woman, a bride of Christ, a mother of all the faithful.

"As a bride and as a mother we know what it means to receive and give life and protect life."

Abortion is un-Christian because it says that life is disposable, he said, and if a decent human being sees another human being about to be destroyed, he stands up and stops it.

Father Pavone told a story about an incident in Milwaukee that illustrates the horror of disposable human life.

Police received a report of children throwing things off a bridge, so they went to check it out. The kids were throwing plastic containers into the water. The police asked what they were throwing off the bridge.

The children ages 4, 9 and 11 turned to the police officers and said: "Little people."

"They had found containers of aborted babies outside an abortion mill and started using them as toys," he said.

The unborn, he said, cannot eat, cannot sleep, cannot walk and cannot vote.

"If we thought of the pro-life cause as some option, if we did not speak up continuously for the unborn, then we would not be the church. It is not some optional thing.... It flows from who we are."

In an address to a luncheon after Mass, he cited President Clinton's statement that abortion should be "safe, legal but rare."

"Isn't it strange that he should have to say this. If abortion is a constitutional right, why would you want to make it rare? The freedom of assembly —it should be safe, legal but rare.... The freedom to vote: safe, legal but rare. You don't say rare, if it is a good thing."

He told of being in New York at an abortion facility where women were being escorted in by men with signs that said Pro-Choice Escort. He asked them why they didn't admit what they were doing: Abortion Escort.

"You see, even they are ashamed of the very word."

He said pro-life will succeed because "we have the truth, medically, morally, psychologically. . . The only thing the other side can say is 'shut up."'

"No lie can live forever," he said.

"In the civil rights movement the saying was that 'Truth pressed to the earth will rise again."'

He said the pro-life movement is in the best position ever because it has the truth. The other side is filled with contradictions.

He cited two medical textbooks he has. One is called "The Unborn Patient." It describes surgery on the unborn in the womb, "science's newest patient."

The other book is "Abortion Practice." It is the medical text on abortion. One book tells how to heal the unborn, the other tells how to kill them. These are contradictions within the medical community itself.

He mentioned Nat Hentoff, an atheist pro-lifer, who said, "We should be the most pro-life of all because for us, this life is all you get!" The group laughed.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson former abortionist and agnostic, turned pro-life because of purely medical reasons.

And, he said, if anyone says they can't tell when life begins, "Ask Louise Brown, the first test tube baby."

He said he asked an abortion escort what abortion is and the man said "termination of pregnancy."

"I said, 'So is birth. Did you ever hear of perpetual pregnancy?"

Finally, the man said, "I don't believe abortion is killing." Sometimes they will say, "Prove to me that the child is human. I say to them, prove to me that you are human."

"You cannot deny the humanity of life in the womb unless you deny the humanity of the two parents."

Father Pavone mentioned the accusation of violent rhetoric of pro-lifers.

"The most violent rhetoric is that which says choice is more important than life."

He said there are two big myths.

One is that it is not a child. The other is that the woman needs the abortion. He mentioned an abortion facility that has the mother speak directly to their baby and then say "goodbye" before aborting them. "So don't try to ridicule me when I say it is a baby. The argument is not when life begins, it is about the value of unborn life."

Further, it is not good for the woman. There are some 100 possible side effects, such as uterine punctures, many of which doctors say go untreated. He said there are 26 scientific studies on the linkage of abortion to breast cancer. And more on the psychological damage. But the abortionists never want informed choice, he said.

The choice rhetoric says it is a decision between a woman and her doctor, yet abortion is the most unregulated industry in the nation. One former abortion nurse said they never even sterilized the instruments because it took too long.

"'Our goal was to do 10 abortions an hour,"' he quoted her.

Father Pavone said killing abortionists was wrong because "we love abortionists." He pointed to Dr. Nathanson who became a believer because of the love he felt at pro-life functions.

Finally he mentioned a little girl who visited a Holocaust memorial and who wrote in the register, "Why didn't somebody do something?"

That's what the pro-life movement is all about.

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