Fr. Pavone to be featured on LIFENET promotional video

Christine Flaherty

Document Publication: LIFENET

Publication Date: May 01, 2001

Dear Friends,

What a thrill it was spending some time with Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. Bill Calvin (LIFENET's President) and I traveled to the new Priests for Life Office on Staten Island to video tape Fr. Pavone for our soon-to-be-released LIFENET promotional video. Father Pavone also asked Bill and I to be guests on his radio show, "Life and Choice". Bill and I have known Father Pavone since 1994 when he was just starting Priests for Life. Every time I am with him, I am encouraged because he is so driven in the cause of saving unborn children and their mothers from the abortion holocaust. What I love about Fr. Pavone is his willingness and eagerness to network with other pro-life organizations and people of all denominations. While we were there, Father Pavone asked us to preview several television commercials which target post-abortive men and women. They address the regret and loss so many women and men are feeling because of past abortion decisions. All the ads end with the words, "The doors of the Church are open." I think these commercials, which they hope to air on network TV stations, are going to bring a lot of people back to the Lord. When we left the Priests for Life office at 6:00 PM, Father Pavone was getting ready to tape another radio show and the office manager was reminding him not to forget to eat dinner. Walking out of that office I thought of Pastor Johnny Hunter's (National Director of LEARN) words, "We've got to play to win this abortion battle." Fr. Pavone is definitely playing to win. So is Bill Calvin. It is inspiring to be working with these people who have the talent to be making tons of money in industry. Instead, they have been called to the awesome task of saving our nation's children.

-- Christine Flaherty, Lifenet

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