Speaking for the unborn

Rev. Michael Lubinsky

Document Publication: Metro Spirit - Augusta, GA

Publication Date: February 12, 2008

Letter to the Editor

To the editor: 

I wish to rebut the letter printed in Metro Spirit Jan. 23, written by Mary Beth Pierucci of Planned Parenthood of Georgia and titled “Is contraception next?” 

She mentions that HR 536 puts women’s health in real jeopardy, since this legislation, if passed, could potentially prohibit the use of hormonal birth-control options like the birth control pill and IUDs. This law could even stop women from accessing in-vitro fertilization.  

She calls for the Georgia General Assembly to stop playing politics with public health. Under the first amendment, she is free to express her views. 

In rebutting Pierucci’s stance on how she views the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, I wish to list for her in this letter some strong pro-life comments, not made by me, but by such figures as President George Bush, Congressman Paul Broun of the 10th District of Georgia and the comments of Father Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life. 

First of all, President George Bush spoke to all those in Washington, D.C., at a pro-life rally of thousands of young people, adults from all states of USA. He said these words, “Research reports to us that more than one in five pregnancies ends in abortion.  

This is a real shame and disgrace because America values life and the life of the unborn and should so always. We ought to help all pregnant women to know that we will support them to carry their child to term and help them raise their child. And we also know that the fingers, toes and beating hearts that we can see on an unborn child’s ultrasound come with something we cannot see — a soul.” 

Congressman Broun, a physician, is quoted in 2007, as saying, “The right to life is the most important fundamental right for us all in America. That is why it should be defended vigorously and absolutely. That is why I am introducing legislation in Congress called the Human Sanctity of Life Act, which says equivocally that, at the moment of fertilization, a human life begins and must be protected by law from abortion.” 

Lastly, Father Frank Pavone, who was at the rally in Washington, D.C., spoke these words, “I am here to tell all women that the gift of human life is God’s gift and a precious one in which human life is cherished as a body and soul are formed and shaped in the womb of a mother.  

I am here to speak up for the children in womb, who have no voice. I speak for them saying that the right to life for all unborn should be protected by us in USA as a gift and a treasure.  

I speak up for the protection of these innocent babies in the womb and thank God for the many who have come to share their views that life begins at conception.” 

Yes, I wish that these statements might have an impact upon all women and men who read what these three men have shared with the public in USA. 

Rev. Michael Lubinsky


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