Facebook's Lopsided Censorship

Charlie Butts

Document Publication: OneNewsNow.com

Publication Date: February 23, 2012

Facebook and a pro-life group are at odds over an alleged incident of censorship.

The social networking site reportedly removed a graphic picture posted by Bryan Kemper, youth outreach director at Priests for Life, that displayed the result of an aborted eight-week-old baby. The photo, obtained from The Center for Bio-ethical Reform, received thousands of "shares" and comments after just a few hours on Facebook. But Kemper soon received a message from Facebook, saying the image of the "fetus torn limb from limb and decapitated" had been removed.

He considers that censorship.

"The problem is … that Facebook a couple of weeks ago allowed a photo that shows do-it-yourself instructions on how to commit an abortion," Kemper recalls. "In those instructions, it tells women to lie to their pharmacists so they can get the drugs they need to do a self-induced abortion at home. Facebook considers that perfectly fine to put up, but they don't want to show you a photo of what it is that these women will be doing."

In providing how-to instructions on aborting at home, Kemper points out that women and girls are being placed at risk. But he suggests that only pro-life messages are the ones being censored by the social networking site. In addition, the pro-lifer notes that he is "more shocked by some of the graphic sexual photos" that he sees on Facebook than he is by an image of an aborted baby.

So Kemper is urging pro-lifers to contact Facebook about the site's lopsided censorship.

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