Girl Scouts quash pro-lifer

Charlie Butts

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Publication Date: January 11, 2012

An employee of the Girl Scouts in Arizona has resigned after expression of her pro-life beliefs was squelched.

Renise Rodriguez, 21, is a religious studies major at the University of Arizona in Tucson and, until just recently, was an employee for the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. Bryan Kemper, youth outreach director of Priests for Life, tells OneNewsNow that Rodriguez often wears one of their T-shirts to express her pro-life beliefs -- and that that got her in hot water with her employer last week.

"She went in to work, off duty, to pick up a few things and was told immediately by somebody in the Girl Scouts office to take her shirt off, and that if she was going to stay in the office at all she'd have to turn it inside out," he explains.

The shirt Rodriguez was wearing displayed the message "Pray to End Abortion."

"She wasn't at work, she wasn't on the clock -- and she was pretty offended," adds Kemper.

Rodriquez tells Priests for Life that she was "shocked at the way [she] was treated" and that, after considering for the rest of the day what had happened, decided to resign her position as a Girl Experience Associate.

Kemper, who also founded the Priests for Life-affiliated group Stand True Ministries, contends parents throughout the country ought to be outraged by the events that transpired in that Girl Scouts office.

"The Girl Scouts seem to go farther and farther and farther away from any kind of values that they should be teaching young women," he states. "And with their connections to Planned Parenthood -- and now telling this girl to take her shirt off in the office -- it's absolutely mind-blowing that this organization has gone so liberal and that America's parents are entrusting their young daughters to the Girl Scouts."

The pro-life activist points out there are several alternative organizations, such as American Heritage Girls, that are Christian-oriented and can be trusted to follow biblical standards. (See related story)

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