Help for abortion sufferers

Charlie Butts

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Publication Date: January 26, 2012

The pain of abortion can be long lasting -- but help is available through an updated and revamped website for both women and men.

The Silent No More Awareness website was set up nine years ago to provide contact with women, and then men, suffering from the emotional and/or physical damage of abortion. Spokesperson Janet Morana tells OneNewsNow that the website has been refurbished to make it more inviting and appealing to an expanded audience.

"And there's just more ... buttons to get you to things," she explains in describing the website. "... For example, we have a featured story of the day which changes daily; a new testimony from a post-abortive man or woman is featured every day there. And then there's just simple buttons like '[I'm] Pregnant and Need Help' -- and if you click that, boom, it will take you to where the pregnancy resource centers are located near you."

Clicking on the button for help after an abortion ("I Need Abortion Healing") takes one to the largest search engine for a counselor or help group in a person's local area. Morana tells a recent story of the site delivering help just in time for a young woman and her unborn child.

"She stumbled onto our website," the pro-lifer begins. "She had an abortion appointment scheduled for the very next day and she started to read the testimonies -- and she said [to herself] You know something? I don't want to come to regret this. I can't do this. And she canceled her abortion appointment."

Morana maintains that there is no excuse for anyone to suffer further if they have had an abortion or suffer the effects of one -- because help is there. She laments that many women do not begin dealing with those effects until a decade later.

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