Ultimatum: new video compares abortion holocaust with 9/11 (warning: graphic)

Kathleen Gilbert

Document Publication: LifeSiteNews.com

Publication Date: August 07, 2012

STATEN ISLAND, New York, August 7, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A new presidential campaign video from Priests for Life is taking the abortion debate to a new level - one that the group itself calls too controversial for broadcast television or YouTube.

In their new video, the New York City-based national pro-life organization hypothesizes: what if, instead of the right to abortion, a candidate supported the right to terrorism?

“When we were attacked by terrorists, Americans united against the violence,” states the video as images of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 are displayed. “Imagine if a candidate for public office said, ‘I support the right of terrorists to do what they did.’

“Would it matter if that candidate had the best education plan in the world, or the best health care plan? Or would you simply not bother to ask about these other issues? Some positions disqualify a candidate from any further consideration.”

Showing the bodies of those killed by abortions, the video concludes, “What about a candidate who supports the right to do this to children by abortion?”

Viewers are directed to Unborn.info to join the movement to “show the American people what an abortion is.”

A press release from Priest for Life national director Fr. Pavone of Priests for Life notes that the images of children destroyed in abortions provoke “far more” controversy than those of the Twin Towers’ fall.

“America will not end abortion until America sees abortion, and yet many hide from these images because they are too disturbing,” Father Pavone said in a statement Tuesday. “But people should be disturbed. 

“Abortion is not a medical procedure performed by caring physicians in modern hospitals. It is a brutal murder perpetrated by charlatans who operate assembly lines of death.”

If the truth about abortion were known, said the priest, the effect on the 2012 presidential election would be profound.

“A candidate might have a great plan to jumpstart the economy or create jobs, but could anyone really overlook his or her views on terrorism?” Pavone asked. “It’s the same thing with abortion: Can you really support a candidate who sanctions a barbaric act that claims more than 3,000 lives a day?”

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