Priest: You Wouldn’t Vote for a Terrorist, So Why an Abortion Backer?

Steven Ertelt

Document Publication:

Publication Date: August 07, 2012

Father Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life, has released a new video that may generate controversy — so much so that he says he doesn’t expect it to ever air on television and probably won’t be allowed to stay up on YouTube.

In the video, Pavone compares candidates’ views on abortion with their views on terrorism. The video includes graphic pictures of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 as well as images of babies who have been victimized by abortion.

The thesis of Pavone’s video goes like this:  If you wouldn’t vote for a candidate who supports terrorism that destroys human lives why would you vote for a candidate who supports abortion than destroys human lives?

“A candidate might have a great plan to jumpstart the economy or create jobs, but could anyone really overlook his or her views on terrorism,” Father Pavone asked. “It’s the same thing with abortion: Can you really support a candidate who sanctions a barbaric act that claims more than 3,000 lives a day?”

The video asks viewers to consider whether they could ever vote for a candidate whose views they agree with but who also supports a terrorist’s “right” to kill innocent people, like the thousands of people who died in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania in the September 11 attacks.

Pavone says there is no more important issue on election day than the right to life.

“As you cast your vote on Election Day, please remember that at the core of every issue is the right to life,” Father Pavone said. “Deny the right to life, and you kill all the other issues too. We need public servants who know the difference between serving the public and killing the public.”



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