No Issue More Important in Election 2012 Than Pro-Life

Fr. Frank Pavone

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Publication Date: September 20, 2012

Father Frank Pavone, the head of the Catholic pro-life group Priests for Life, says there is no issue more important in the 2012 elections than the pro-life issues. Because abortion is a life or death decision that affects millions of people every year, Pavone ranks it at the top.

“The issue that matters most to our nation’s survival – the end of abortion – is the one issue few candidates are willing to talk about,” he says. “And because they are, we must keep the spotlight shining on this fundamental issue.”

“For years now you and I have been proclaiming the simple truth that abortion corrupts our whole society and retards progress on all the other issues that concern voters … including the economy,” he said. “As Election Day 2012 draws ever closer, we’ve got to hammer that fact home with our fellow Americans.”

Because the pro-life issue is so monumental, Pavone urges people to get involved now — with their time and money.

“There is no better or more effective way for you to spend your dollars in the closing days of this election season than by using them to convince people to vote pro-life,” he said. “The alternative is to sit back and hope for the best.  But that’s something we dare not do, especially when you consider the fact that in America today over 3,000 unborn children are brutally killed in abortion mills each and every day. We must continue to do everything in our power to end that slaughter. And that most definitely includes being involved in the political process.”

Pavone says Catholic voters — and all voters — should be involved in the political process to end abortion. He cites the bishops’ commentary in Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics, which states:

We encourage all citizens, particularly Catholics, to embrace their citizenship not merely as a duty and privilege, but as an opportunity meaningfully to participate in building the culture of life.  Every voice matters in the public forum.  Every vote counts. Every act of responsible citizenship is an exercise of significant individual power.  We must exercise that power in ways that defend human life, especially those of God’s children who are unborn, disabled or otherwise vulnerable. … Because of this we urge our fellow citizens to see beyond party politics, to analyze campaign rhetoric critically and to choose their political leaders according to principle, not party affiliation or mere self-interest.

“That’s a truth that all Americans must hear,” Pavone said. “And it is our unique mission – yours, mine and the entire Priests for Life family – to help spread that message.”

Pavone also urges pro-life voters to make sure they are registered to vote and to register pro-life friends, family and church members.

“In elections, it is not the candidate who is right on the issues who necessarily wins, nor even the candidate with whom most people agree. Nor is it the candidate with the most money, nor the one who is ahead in the polls,” Pavone said. “Rather, the candidate wins who has the higher number of people actually cast their vote.”

“That is why between now and Election Day it is crucial for each of us to focus on mobilizing more and more votes, on getting people to vote early, and on actually going door to door with literature about the candidates and the issues. Organize youth groups and other efforts to go throughout your neighborhood with a pro-life message about the importance of the election,” he said. “Remember, the pro-abortion forces are doing this — we must not fail to do it ourselves.”

“Voters are not being told about the one issue that should matter most to them: Abortion,” he concluded. “Remember: You have just a few short weeks to make a difference this November.”

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