No Toure’, Real Men Don’t Thank God for Abortion

Matt Clinger

January 30, 2013

I want everyone reading this to understand that I am a post-abortive Dad of 2 children. I have found healing and pray that all those men who are suppressing their pain and guilt will come to the one true Person who can forgive their sins, even the sin of murder, Jesus Christ.

I was going about my day today when my wife and blogger Kelly Clinger sent me a video to watch. By now, many of you have seen Toure Neblett, co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC, talk about the abortion from his past. If you haven’t seen it, here is a link:

MSNBC’s Toure: “Abortion Was There To Save Me”

Toure begins by talking about a relationship he was in 15 years ago. He says, “I was in a committed relationship with a woman I knew was not the one. She also knew it probably wasn’t going to work out…” If you are in a relationship that you KNOW isn’t going to work out, why continue to call it a committed relationship and stay in it? He goes on to say “…and then she got pregnant…” Men, hear me. This is one of the root problems of abortion: disrespectful, childish men who couldn’t truthfully admit “I know we are not going to get married, but let’s have sex and possibly conceive a child that neither of us are ready for.” Because of abortion, we act as if pregnancy is as big of a deal as getting a cold or spraining an ankle. So prideful. So cavalier. I mean God only created a HUMAN BEING in her womb from the two of you coming together as a married couple would…but hey, it was just an accident that we slept together even though we were not married and had no thoughts of being married. Lesson one for our nation: Abortion will end when BOYS can become MEN who respect women enough to not have sex with them until they are in a REAL “committed” relationship…called MARRIAGE.

“I knew that the pregnant woman and I were not going to be able to form a lasting family.” Then why have sex like a married couple, who is ready for the real commitment of a family? Talk about a picture of selfishness and cowardice.

“She decided it was best to have an abortion… and in some ways that choice saved my life.” What a weak, narcissistic response to having your child killed…that hiring a hit man to kill someone who had half of your DNA saved you. Perhaps your life isn’t yours to save? You strongly resemble Adam who did not protect Eve in the Garden. Eve’s choice caused her indescribable pain forever, and I can assure you your old girlfriend feels just as unprotected although she may not connect it to her abortion quite yet.

“I was not then smart enough or man enough to build a family and raise a child, and I would only have contributed to making a mess of three lives.” I would argue that Toure is still not smart enough or man enough to admit that he decided to KILL his son or daughter to solve the mess HE created. As Americans, we have been given a way out of dealing with our decisions in so many ways, but this is the only one that gives us the right to KILL a human being. Even science confirms that a baby is a unique person at conception.

He then goes on to give us hope to believe he has “straightened out his life” saying he met a woman, married her, and then became pregnant. Because they were married and committed to one another, it was not a “and she got pregnant”. It was a “decision to get pregnant.” He says this caused him to be joyful and go to doctor’s appointments in anticipation of his arriving baby. He does show signs of acknowledging his child as a human at a very early stage. That twinge of hope quickly leaves when he says he had to be pro-choice because it is a woman’s body and life, and she should be able to shape it in any way she deems right for her. If it were really a woman’s choice and body as to what to do with the baby in the womb, it would only need ONE strand of DNA to conceive the baby, not two. There would be no need for the father at all in the process. Of course women should have choices like all of us: where to work, where to live, who to marry, what to eat, etc….but how can we rightfully say that all THREE parties that are involved in a pregnancy are getting their fair share of choices?

“I want abortion to be legal, safe and rare, but restricting access makes it rare for the wrong reason and drives any women to self administered abortions that endanger their lives and their reproductive future.” Is anyone else tired of the “safe, legal and rare” argument? I would like to have some of the women of Silent No More speak to Toure about how they have never been able to conceive another child because of their “safe” abortion. After that, we can send him the autopsy reports from the 255+ women who have died from a “safe” abortion. Then we can show him pictures of 55 MILLION BABIES who have died because of “rare” abortions, most of which look very much like him because his own race is targeted for abortion. In New York, where Toure lives, more Black babies are aborted than born. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLY SAFE AND RARE?

“In a nation where 40% of children are born to unwed mothers…” The solution to this problem is NOT in killing our children! The solution is that MEN would turn their hearts to GOD. That they would stand up and grow up and learn from past mistakes. We must respect and honor women because they were made for one man only and we were made to protect our sisters from someone taking advantage of them.

I can’t even type out the last statement that he makes about thanking God or how abortion was there to save him. Abortion didn’t save his life. His MOM and DAD saved his life by choosing not to abort HIM. The God he thinks he is thanking for giving him a way out of a bad situation, is looking at him and hoping that he hears my words right now. Turn to God now, Toure. Repent for your part in the abortion of your child and God is faithful to forgive. Then, find healing in the fact that you are forgiven for killing an innocent baby. Join me in DC next year as a spokesperson for Silent No More and stand beside me on the steps of the Supreme Court. Speak of your regret for participating in abortion and let others know that the way to a stronger America is for us to own up to our mistakes. Let’s tell men all over America to stop being cowards and running from tough situations, but to be respectful of women and be the MEN that we were created to be.

I am praying that God will take hold of Toure’s heart wherever he might be at this moment. Jesus, would you show him who You really are…a perfect Judge who will judge him for his sin, but also a loving Savior who will save him from himself and from the sin he has committed in killing his first child. May his heart be changed and may he be filled with your conviction and turn from evil and join me and other men who are man enough to say, “I took part in the killing of my child, and I was wrong.” God, call forth post-abortive men to stand with me. Raise up their voices.

Toure, I have found forgiveness in the One who can save and take away the shame and pain of what I did. That man is Jesus Christ. “For Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no man shall enter into the kingdom of heaven except through God’s only Son.” Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in what you did. I did the same thing and have found what I am praying for you to find. Won’t you join me in being a REAL MAN and be Silent No More?

LifeNews Note: Matt Clinger is a post-abortive father of two children.

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