Why Pray the Rosary at Abortion Mills?

¿Por Qué Rezamos el Rosario En las Fábricas de Abortos?

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life
Publication Date: August 12, 1996

Prayer at abortion mills is absolutely necessary, and the Rosary is an especially appropriate form of prayer.

We pray at these places to confront the killing, lies, and exploitation that goes on inside. Prayer unites us to the Lord of Life, and calls Him to make present the Victory of Life. We pray for our own conversion and for the conversion of the mothers, the fathers, the abortionists, and the general public.

Why is the Rosary especially helpful?

  1. The Rosary has been constantly recommended by Popes and saints. It contains all of salvation history. It immerses us in Scripture. It has gained great victories for Christianity through the ages.
  2. The Rosary honors a Mother, and calls "blessed" the fruit of her womb. This counteracts the abortion mentality, which sees motherhood as more of a burden than a blessing and sees the fruit of the womb as disposable.
  3. The Rosary has a calming effect as our fingers handle the beads, our lips repeat the Hail Marys, and our mind calmly reviews the Mysteries. An abortion mill can be a place of great tension, especially if there are counter-demonstrators. The Rosary helps us "keep our cool."
  4. In the Rosary, we proclaim that we are sinners. "Pray for us sinners." "Forgive us our trespasses." It proves false the accusation of pro-aborts who tell us we are "self-righteous." Rather, we are the ones who need to repent of our negligence and inactivity regarding abortion.
  5. The format of the Rosary allows everyone to participate. It can be prayed while walking and can be adjusted to any time-frame. A practical suggestion is to have half the group say the first part of the Hail Mary and the other half respond. If there is only one person leading the prayer, most people cannot hear it, especially with the noise of traffic.

Pro-lifers must never be silent! Continue to take to the streets! Continue to save babies! Continue to pray the Rosary! Continue to wake up America about abortion!

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