50 Years Later: The Letter Still Speaks

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life
April 16, 2013

Fifty years ago today, April 16, Martin Luther King, Jr. penned the “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Today, that letter still speaks.


Just as it spoke in his day on behalf of those who suffered the violence of segregation, so now it speaks for those who suffer the violence of abortion. And it speaks for those who fight injustices like these.


It speaks about the fact that there is a law higher than laws passed by human authority, and that when that authority oppresses human beings, those unjust laws must be broken.


It speaks about the fact that we are not to wait before we cry out for justice. The time for doing what is right is always the present.


It speaks of the inevitable fact that standing for justice means enduring the tension between those who favor it and those who oppose it. We are not to be afraid of that tension, whether we speak for Blacks or for babies.


Today, 50 years later, let us learn the lesson of this letter, let us spread that lesson, and let us live that lesson as we build the Culture of Life! 

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