Pro-Life Supporters Rally At Capitol

Jessica Roose

April 17, 2013

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The colder than normal weather didn`t stop about 500 pro-life supporters from rallying on the Capitol steps Wednesday afternoon. An energetic crowd gathered to show their appreciation to the Governor and lawmakers for passing restrictions on abortion.

"We`re here to say today, we have fought. We have won. We will continue to fight and we will continue to win," said Fr. Frank Pavone, the National Director of Priests for Life.

The bills that were signed by the Governor created the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, banning abortion after a heartbeat is detected.

"If you currently don`t have a human heartbeat in your chest, raise your hand. Okay, if you have a heartbeat can you give me a North Dakota shout out?" asked Janne Myrdal, the State Director for Concerned Women For America.

The crowd cheered and she added, "Alright, that`s pretty simple isn`t it? How come it took us 40 years to figure that one out?"

Supporters say it`s better late than never.

"We`re living in a culture of death, and it`s so important that we reverse that culture of death. We need a culture of life because we are born to live," said Linton resident Angela Schmaltz.

One woman in the crowd says she has a unique story, which has affirmed her stance that the unborn need these protections.

"I have one baby in heaven; one baby here and one baby in my womb. And they`re all equally important," said Audrey Fields Grube of Bismarck.

Which is why she is hopeful the bills will survive any court challenges. The Attorney General has asked for $400,000 so far, for any litigation this biennium.

A pro-choice group had planned to cover the Capitol lawn with white flags, each representing a person who opposes the bills. They plan to re-schedule after the snow clears.


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