Abortionists manipulate language

Letter to the Editor in response to my article, The merciless mind of the abortionist

Charles Butera

The Washington Times - Washington, DC

May 06, 2013


Abortionists manipulate language

I applaud the Rev. Frank Pavone’s work (“The merciless mind of the abortionist,” Commentary, May 2). His exploration of the mind of the abortionist rings true — especially with regard to the abortionist’s stifling of conscience.

The abortion industry has manipulated language. Early on, it realized its interests were better served by the term “pro-choice” instead of “pro-abortion.” Of course, any logical person scrutinizing the term “pro-choice” can see that as the antithesis of “pro-life,” the term “pro-choice” must ultimately connote “pro-death.”

But the abortionists, like those in advertising, know that people are not so much logical as emotional. So they continuously fan the fires of emotion with terms like “rape,” “incest” and “back-alley abortions.” In keeping with Father Pavone’s analysis, the abortionist must distance himself from the carnage he wreaks; he rejects the term “unborn child,” preferring the emotionally neutral “fetus,” fallaciously described as a part of the mother’s body — and allegedly giving the mother carte blanche to destroy it. (The science of DNA is conveniently shunned.)

Sadly, the courts have acquiesced to this emotional Richter scale of popular sentiment and abdicated their responsibility to reason. In doing so, they have trampled upon the right to life and have unwittingly become accomplices of the abortion industry.


Northport, N.Y.

Read my original article here: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/may/2/the-merciless-mind-of-the-abortionist/ 

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