Pelosi response to Fr. Frank's open letter

June 24, 2013

Reporter Aviva Shen interviewed Nancy Pelosi for the very liberal blog

This is what Pelosi said about the open letter, abortion and Priests for Life.

Pelosi also laughed off a letter issued by Priests for Life last week demanding she renounce her Catholic faith for “betraying and misrepresenting the Catholic faith” by supporting a woman’s right to choose. The congresswoman said she has no problem reconciling her faith with her pro-choice stance:

“My faith is very deep and has been my whole life. I love my faith and my faith has nothing to do with whoever he is. The arrogance of it all! It’s like something ancient, medieval…The Church taught me as I was growing up that every person has a free will and has the responsibility to live up to a moral standard. And I respect women’s judgment and values to do that. Whether this priest thinks his judgment should be another woman’s judgment is absolutely ridiculous to me. But nonetheless it’s what they say. I grant the Church where they are on abortion. That’s where they are, that’s where they have to be. But my faith isn’t about what their position is. My faith is about, Christ is my savior, the church is his church, and has nothing to do with Priests for Life…I wouldn’t even dignify whatever it is they said. It was a highly emotional statement that they made. If it were more intellectual I might have paid attention to it. He was acting hysterically.”

The interview is much longer than just this one piece, and worth reading.

Fr. Frank's response to the above

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Elisa Cavazos says:
8/16/2013 4:34:29 PM
Thank You Father Frank for being a defender of life. May God Bless You.

Mary Sue Fiscus says:
8/2/2013 2:03:04 PM
Thank you Fr. Frank for being an advocate for the Giver of Life and His people. You are in our prayers...keep up the fight!!! God Bless.

Mary says:
7/27/2013 11:49:24 AM
Talk is cheap. It is Pelosi that is being emotional and hysterical. Pelosi and people like her should be excommunicated. She is obviously an apostate, and Jesus is not the saviour of such people, He sends them to Hell if they die unrepentant. Jesus is only the saviour of those who keep the law of God and submit to what the Church has always taught with all their heart, and are sorry for their sins

Nanlisa says:
7/26/2013 1:49:17 PM
Nancy Pelosi, like most "pro-choice" Catholics, cannot pick and choose which teachings they are going to obey. As a Catholic, you must obey all the teachings. This "I'm personally opposed to abortion (or whatever other issue) but I cannot force my views on somebody else" is nothing but a bunch of nonsense! That's just like saying, "Well I'm opposed to rape, murder, robbery and so forth, but I can't force others to do so."

I don't care if this is the 21st Century. Abortion is murder against the unborn: there's no ifs, ands, and no buts about it. Inside the mother is a human baby; not a blob of tissue. She does not have the right to take that life that's inside of her. You are playing Russian roulette with your eternal soul by supporting abortion, artificial birth control, and anything else that is clearly against the teachings of the Church.

At the same time, God is a God of love, forgiveness, and mercy. He loves us so much that He sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for us; including Nancy Pelosi. Jesus forgave the woman at the well but He told her not to sin again.

As Catholics, we must continue to stand up for our beliefs as well the Church's teachings. I'm suprised that many of these so-called 'pro-choice" Catholics hanven't been excommunicated as of yet; or even denied Holy Communion. The Catholic Church is completely against abortion, artificial birth control, and same-sex marriage.

If Nancy Pelosi, or any other Catholic, continues to support abortion, than he or she should simply renounce their faith and to join another religion that is more suited to their beliefs.

Kay Krause says:
7/26/2013 11:00:52 AM
I don't think Pelosi knows what the Catholic church teaches. She may have deep faith but in what I don't know. She should not be going to the Catholic church. Her statement did not even make sense and I think she needs to step down. Her mind must be veryy muddled.

Terri says:
7/25/2013 3:39:23 PM
I know and believe that this goes much beyond the beliefs or doctrine of the Catholic Church. This is about 'what is right' not 'who is right' It is human nature to slant, twist and obfuscate "THE TRUTH" when it is not convenient or comfortable for people to observe and practice “THE TRUTH”. All that said, it is painfully obvious that Mrs. Pelosi is playing "ring-around-the-Pelosi" here! Her avoidance to answer the question as it has been asked of her multiple times is self-serving. It serves only her, and her desire to remain "PC" which is purely motivated by public opinion.
The 6th Commandment clearly states: ”You shall not murder” That doesn’t just apply to Catholics, other Christians or Jews…Many other religions observe and defend the ‘right to life’ as well. People consider the word of God 'optional' when it does not serve them in the immediacy of their personal situation. It is not Mrs. Pelosi’s reluctance to answer the question that is the real issue here, rather it merely illustrates a symptom of what is going on within our society. Rather, it is her (and many more like her) weak-minded mentality and lack of moral integrity that is self- validating her “version of the truth”.

Louis Blasiotti says:
7/25/2013 2:37:32 PM
Apparently Mrs. Pelosi was out to lunch when the people who taught her the Catholic Faith were teaching the 10 Commandment, especially, the Commandment that says "Thou shalt not kill."

Abortion at any time frame is murder. What is really annoying is that she pretends to speak with authority on matters of faith and morals of which she is ignorant. She is setting an terrible example for young people who may not understand the 10 Commandments which were given to us by God, Himself. Does she believe that God was incorrect when he stated "Thou shalt not kill." Or is she interpreting God's words to suit her confused agenda regarding women rights.

I hope that she repents before it is too late for the sake of her soul.

Donna says:
7/25/2013 12:03:40 PM
The first step to change is accepting the truth about ourselves which can only be done by looking at our sins through Christ's eyes while we are experiencing His love & is very hard with the nature that we have to accept truth about us without Love & Mercy..Embrace Nabcy as Christ embraced the woman that bathed his feet with tears etc Human nature condemns without realizing that it is but by the Grace of God that we are not in that sin...Stay in Mom's Arm she will nestle you into Her Son's Heart full of Mercy Jesus I trust in you!!!!

kevin cook says:
7/25/2013 11:32:19 AM
Ms Pelosi is a disgrace to the Catholic faith. So is the Democrat Party and Catholics that vote for Democrats like Pelosi, Obama, Biden et el. These politicians reflect the people that elects them. Until the voters and 60% of Catholic voters take seriously the Church, we will continue to decline as a society. If theses same liberals care for human babies like they car about animal rights, we would have far fewer baby murders.

Trudy Burris says:
7/25/2013 11:32:11 AM
Nancy Pelosi is right in the fact that we have a free will and the responsibility to life up to a moral standard. Free will and moral standard are not one in the same. There are good moral standards and bad moral standards. She chose the latter. Free will is a choice to do good or bad. She chose the latter. It is a crying shame that we have Catholics in the public eye that don't know their faith well enough that we have to try to correct them. It is hard enough with people without a podium.


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