Pro-life Report

Sabrina Buonpane, 11 years old

Hi. My name is Sabrina Buonpane. I live on Staten Island in New York. I’m 11 years old and I attend St. Charles School. At home I live with my Mom, Dad, older sister Christine, and my dog Bella. Some things I like to do are dance, tennis gymnastics, and arts and crafts. I’ll be receiving Confirmation next year.

I’ve been coming to Priests for Life since I was about 7 years old. I like volunteering for such a cause. I know that I am pro-life because I am not a killer. My mom always taught my sister and I that from an instant a baby is conceived, it is that, a baby. How do people think that they can have a baby inside them, and if they don’t want it, they can just get an operation and it’s gone? If they have the baby, and still don’t want it, they can have a nice family adopt it. Many people can’t have babies and this would save a baby’s life.

When I’m at Priests for Life I’ve seen some horrible pictures of babies, real babies, torn apart and killed. I wish other kids and people can see what it means when someone has an abortion. Maybe I can help to stop killing babies by showing them pictures like the ones I’ve seen. I can also go to some churches and give people information about abortion. I know this is important work. Right now, I know I’m helping because I volunteer at Priests for Life. I’ve been coming here stuffing envelopes. When I get older I can prepare Priest Packs so that they can get a lot of information on how to stop abortion.

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