Priests for Life continues to press for burial of babies killed by Gosnell

Fr. Frank Pavone

Publication Date: August 25, 2013

Statement from Fr. Frank for the pro-life rally, candlelight service and prayer vigil - A Cry for Dignity

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for being here today, and I'm sorry that other pro-life commitments keep me from being there with you. I thank our Priests for Life youth outreach director, Bryan Kemper, for sharing this message with you.

The activities of these days are more than a prayer service or a protest. They are an act of solidarity with our unborn brothers and sisters. Our love for them does not end when their lives end. Our respect for them does not end when they die. It continues, and that is why we reverence their bodies and demand that society do the same.

Moreover, whatever happens to the bodies of those whom Gosnell killed, you and I together have already shifted the debate. People are talking about bodies and burials. We have moved the debate beyond any doubt about whether these are human beings and whether abortion killed them. This is a victory!

And this is also why, in a couple of weeks, we will have the first National Day of Remembrance, with simultaneous prayer services at some 30 gravesites of aborted babies around the country.

This is not an abstract debate. It is a national holocaust. And today we renew our commitment that wherever our unborn brothers and sisters are, there we will be, no matter what the cost, and will love them, even to the point of giving our lives.

I send you my heartfelt prayers and blessing, and that of all our team at Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries!

Fr. Frank Pavone

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