Human Sexuality: It All Started With An Apple!

Dr. Alveda King

Document Publication: Priests for Life, Titusville, FL

Publication Date: January 13, 2015


A Four Part Series

Compiled by Dr. Alveda C. King

Updated July 2015

The growing controversies surrounding 1st Amendment religious and freedom of speech rights are reaching fever pitch. The following "discussion" springs forth from a series of current emails and communications:


Compiled by Dr. Alveda C. King

And it all started with an applePart One

Dearest Reyna – Several years ago, God “spoke” to me about human sexuality. Never mind that God had forgiven my many sins including abortion, gluttony, sexual misconduct and SO much more. In a self righteous rant, I [not God] was condemning “transgender” Rue Paul to hell. There I was, ranting and raving, at Rue Paul on late night TV. Reaching fever pitch, I heard God's gentle yet rebuking voice: "I love Rue Paul as much as I love you!" WOW! I collapsed on the couch, shuddering and repenting as my spiritual sight came on line. I saw Rue Paul through the eyes of Christ, through Christ's compassionate Blood Washed lenses!

Thus began a new level of ministry for me. I write briefly of this in KING RULES - "Guard Your Heart."

You wrote that truly The Body of Christ has done much harm to the flock of God's creation who are dealing with sexual issues. To be honest, every human being has issues; and God isn’t desiring to write anyone off. That's why HE gave us Jesus (John 3:16-17).

Ezekiel 18:23 (NLT)

“Do you think that I like to see wicked people die? Says the Sovereign LORD. Of course not! I want them to turn from their wicked ways and live.

See? It’s true! God loves everyone, and wants us with Him forever. We all just need to be “cleaned up.”

Now, with everyone “being born into sin,” people can be born with all types of issues and conditions; including sexual issues. There are reasons for this: heredity, birth and after birth [and after the FALL] negative impacts, etc.

Jesus even explained some of this in Matthew 19:11-12 (NLT)

“Not everyone can accept this statement… only those whom God helps. Some are born as eunuchs, some have been made eunuchs by others, and some choose not to marry for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Let anyone accept this who can.”



1. There was the Eunuch who would not have sex for religious purposes, and entered a monastery.

2. There was the Eunuch who was castrated to work in harems.

3. There was the [MALE] Eunuch who was born with feminine traits, and had no sexual interest in women.

[NOTE: BORN THAT WAY. Remember Jesus confirmed this in the New Testament. The problem is, people think Jesus was condoning this situation. Actually Jesus wasn’t. He was simply explaining it. The whole chapter pretty much deals with human sexuality by the way.]

IMPORTANT - GOD didn't design homosexuality. The meddling USURPER stole the keys to the laboratory, made KNOCKOFFS and goofed up perfection. He tried to make the unnatural a natural thing. Don't blame GOD!


The Eunuch who would not have sex because of religion was not covered under Roman law.

In ancient Roman Law it is laid out by the Roman jurist Ulpian in a document known as Lex Julia et Papia, Book 1 (Digest 50.16.128)

"Eunuch is a general designation: the term includes those who are eunuchs by nature, as well as those who are mutilated.


The law (D 28.2.6) says that someone who cannot easily procreate is nonetheless entitled to institute a posthumous heir, but it gives no concrete examples of such a man.

Also the jurist Ulpian refers to the non castrated man as a eunuch, and refers to the castrated as castrated men.


Eunuchs from birth who were freemen, unlike mutilated eunuchs, were eligible for marriage and for adopting children: (D, 28.2.6).

In fact, anatomically “whole eunuchs” had all the rights and duties of ordinary men.

The term Eunuchs from birth means nothing was missing. Consequently they were physically sexually unimpaired. Anatomically these were not people who had missing genitalia; or something more rare, having been born with both male and female genitalia. They were physically whole, but they would not have sex with women.

From Birth Eunuchs were homosexual men of that time, and had all rights and duties of ordinary men. Today, we refer to them as “gay men.” There isn’t much research about From Birth Female Eunuchs. Yet research supports the possibility that design tampering has resulted in some females being born this way.

However, lack of study, knowledge and understanding could lead someone to believe that some homosexual people are lying when they say they were born that way.

A perfect example appears in the television series EMPIRE. One of the characters is homosexual. Even as a very little boy, he liked to wear his mother's high heels and scarves and mimic the way she walked with hands on hips.

His mother remained sympathetic throughout his childhood and adult years. On the other hand, his father abhorred his son's sexuality, and even stuffed him in a garbage can in an alley wearing his mother's clothes in a flashback scene.

What is difficult to have people understand is that GOD did not create this confusion.

The problem is that when the USURPER stole the lab keys and goofed up the design, he didn't remove lust and sexual desire when he goofed up the design. He removed the procreative gene and left the lust. How cruel!

Sexual Confusion:

"Worse followed. Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either—women didn’t know how to be women, men didn’t know how to be men. Sexually confused, they abused and defiled one another, women with women, men with men—all lust, no love. And then they paid for it, oh, how they paid for it—emptied of God and love, godless and loveless wretches.”

Romans 1:26-27 The Message

Yes, Usurper's plan causes confusion and lack of proper enjoyment of CREATOR'S design.

This obviously ticks the CREATOR off. GOD creates PROCREATIVE LOVE. The best the Usurper can come up with is a frustrated substitute.

Adding insult to injury, the Usurper stirs human trafficking, child abuse and molestation into the mix. Sometimes this brings about sexual confusion among the young, especially during the pre-puberty and puberty stages of life for boys and girls.

To complicate matters, the Usurper adds hybrid models into the system -- people who have sex with everyone and everything. WOW! This is just as cruel as adding cancer, hypertension, heart attacks, depression and a lot more mess into his scheme; which by the way he does.

So is there any wonder why “gays” are searching for Agape Love and demanding answers to this mess that the Usurper created? [Whether they understand what’s true or not… that GOD is not responsible for this confusion… Everybody was created to be loved by GOD.]

A current classic example of miscommunication of these truths recently occurred in Atlanta between two beloved and respected leaders: mayor Kasim Reed and Fire Chief Kekvin Cochran over the seemingly never ending debate.

Keep praying for understanding!

REMEMBER NOW: GOD DID NOT MAKE THIS MESS! The Usurper did. GOD is good. The Usurper is evil and mean.


Dear Reyna, Recently, you wrote to me about the Folsom Street Fair (a type of homosexual celebration, I believe?). About the same time, Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly shared his homosexual lifestyle. He basically said that his sexuality is a gift from God. Wow! So much is “coming out of the closet” isn’t it?

The thing is, God isn't schizophrenic. For instance, God wouldn't design and create a sick body and then send Jesus to heal that person. So it stands to reason that GOD would not make, as in design and create a homosexual person and then command the person not to be homosexual. I understand the confusion and misguided response from those with this issue.

Knowing, or believing, or at least hoping or thinking that GOD created humans, and that GOD is good, they mistakenly accepted the lie that the BIBLE is wrong, That somehow the WORD OF GOD is either a lie or a mistake. It is truly amazing how many people will believe a lie before they will believe the truth.

Well there is a lie. There is a mistake. Over at APPLE, Mr. Cook will maybe even get this revelation: In the beginning, GOD OUR AWESOME CREATOR created, designed, copyrighted and trademarked us; male and female. GOD built us to procreate, to unite sexually as male combined with female to "be fruitful and multiply."

Then, in perhaps the most notorious historical attempt at a corporate takeover, a counterfeit agent slipped into corporate headquarters; an executive suite, AKA The Garden of Eden, and proceeded to usurp trade secrets. The unsuspecting female executive partook of the bribe; her male counterpart was not exactly unaware but chose to remain loyal to his companion.

Thus began the Big Lie. The COUNTERFEIT KNOCKOFF USURPER was able to temporarily pollute the design, fashioning it to his own liking, and lacking the purity of THE ORIGINAL.

The Usurper even went so far as to feign his own religion and philosophy to further alienate human beings from understanding the supernatural Divine Love connection. Known today as Secular Humanism, its disciples resist all knowledge of a supernatural God’s sovereign desire to love us.

Secular Humanism can be defined as a religious worldview based on atheism, naturalism, evolution, and ethical relativism. Theologically, Secular Humanists lean towards atheism. Philosophically, Secular Humanists are naturalists. The scientific beliefs of the Secular Humanists are closely aligned with their theological and philosophical beliefs: wherein, if there is no supernatural, then life, including human life, must be the result of a purely natural phenomenon. Hence, Secular Humanists must believe in evolution

WARNING!!! People will believe a lie before they believe the truth!

Thus, with each new lying modification of The Counterfeiter, in each generation, more and more glitches appeared in the models and design, including sicknesses, diseases, confusion; murder, and on and on and on. I’ve even heard some people say things like: “God must have wanted me to have cancer,” or, “God made me sick.” Does that make sense at all? God isn’t mean. The Usurper is. Jesus is a healer, not a sadist!

Think about this. Convince women that sexual liberation includes taking shots, pills, surgeries, chemicals, etc. To alter their reproductive cycles. The water supplies in the cities get flooded with the overflow of estrogens and hormones that are eliminated and flushed in the bathrooms. Testosterone and estrogen levels go screwy, and bingo, more sexual confusion.


Now, in the beginning CREATOR GOD made a PERFECT DESIGN. MAN. The prototype ADAM (which translates as “mankind” or humankind in the orginal Hebrew) was MALE and FEMALE combined. Then, in the creative process, in compassion and love, CREATOR GOD did a brilliant design improvement. He made two of the one, then rejoined them in HOLY MATRIMONY and gave them the gift to sexually procreate! WOW!

In comes the Usurper who steals the lab keys and messes it all up. How sad and mean. To make matters worse, the counterfeit models are plagued with so many other viral issues, like adultery, fornication, child molestation and abuse, burning lust, subsequent mental and physical attacks, and on and on and on. Truly the counterfeit models that war against the original procreative design are fraught with issues.

Reyna, read this note from my friend MT:

"Darling, these are my sentiments as well. The Lord showed me that those with this 'hijacked propensity' for loving God are more able to transcend the heterosexual boundaries 'spiritually' meaning that, the homosexual /trans etc man's ability to give himself HOLYstically

body soul and spirit to God, does not have the same obstacles a heterosexual man does.

it's also a matter of 'identity theft,'-

the power of generational sin

to warp the human body as well.

... a lot to it... but LOVE IS MEGA KEY...

as you said...

I once told a gay man

that the reason he felt as he did

was that God had given him a special gift to love His Son in a deeper way - the spirit of perversion

had then driven him to interpret

this and play it out , in a physical


The following week

he broke up with his 'lover.'

I'm inclined to believe the 'trans' thing is a propensity & ability to embrace the divine masculine & divine feminine- which the defeated loser has skewed. [he is a terrible spoilsport!]

Blessings darling... I'm sure Abba will mega use your Godly insights !

Love MT"

[Author's Note: By the way MT, by design, complete expression in the harmonious sexual act between a male and female releases certain emissions separate and distinct semen from male and arousal fluid from the woman; as well as certain endorphins and hormonal releases peculiar to each gender which allow sexual fulfillment. These are scientifically absent in same sex encounters; often resulting in unquenched burning lust at the end of the sexual encounter.]

If we would simply consider that all people want to be loved and accepted, and that the Bible says that the unlovely deserve more of our compassion and attention that those that we consider to be lovely, then we can see why people work so hard to “normalize” or at least “marginalize” negative responses to issues, traits and behaviors that are often deemed unsuitable. This is true for many areas of life, and is not confined to sexuality.

Understanding this, we might even be able to agree that sin can result in attacks on the dignity of human beings, bringing in close association the guilt and shame that accompany and follow certain actions and behaviors. Then we might even understand why people fight to pass laws to force others to accept various issues, traits and behaviors. Sadly acceptance doesn’t correct the problems associated with the issues. Much of what is wrong is systemic, stemming from certain dysfunctions of human families.

Along with this insight come the problems with the imbalances of single parents' homes with lack of either the mother or fathers. Children need the modeling of both the male and female as they are being raised. For instance, parents having a boy may want a girl or vice versa. The baby in the womb, hearing or sensing gender rejection may be impacted. Or as another example, a boy raised by a mother who braids and puts pink ribbons in his hair may end up with some gender confusion trying to be like a girl to please his mother. Or a girl who wants to please her father who has only daughters may model “boyish” behaviors to please her father. It’s all out there.

So now what? Hating each other isn't going to fix this. Neither are witch hunts. CREATOR GOD is or has worked it all out: A WAY TO BE BORN AGAIN!

Rather than scratch the entire project, CREATOR GOD first introduced a GLOBAL FLOOD, and later a cleansing agent; an anecdote; a transforming serum, AKA THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. Good news. No More Floods! THE POWERFUL BLOOD SERUM IS AVAILABLE.

So the solution is THE PROMISE OF GOD. The mistake is believing that GOD ever designed poverty, sickness, abortion, sexual confusion, every sin known to humans, and death.

For example God didn't make me fat any more than God makes people gay. All of this is the USURPER's design!

Self righteous religious zealots who teach only about the wages of sin without promoting the loving GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE FROM GOD need to STOP IT!


Friends, why spend your soul on buying the KNOCKOFF when you can have THE REAL THING?


As humans, we are all born into sin. That's not GOD's fault. Sin is a byproduct of the KNOCKOFF. That happened in the Garden. An Apple was reportedly involved.

Now I'm thinking that we should thank GOD for modern technology that allows us to communicate in such a way to overcome evil with good. Please tell Mr. Cook that I won't be boycotting him or APPLE. Instead I'll thank GOD for the wisdom to use technology for HIS glory, no matter which humans put upgrades on the market. This biblical position includes defending procreative marriage, decrying abortion, defending life and several other Bible based standards. Yet, this can be done the way Jesus is leading us.

God bless Mr. Tim Cook, and those partaking in the Folsom Street Fair, and every soul who has been bruised and tricked by the COUNTERFEITER. Once they see the truth, they may even want to “go and sin no more.”

This once hidden, now revealed conceptual thought centers on Matthew 19:11-12 as it relates to eunuchs who are eunuchs because they are born with no desire for sexual relations with women.

In context, first note Jesus' teaching on marriage from Matthew 3-12 as follows:

Not everyone is mature enough to live a married life. It requires a certain aptitude and grace because marriage is designed to be an earthly reflection of the unbreakable bond between Christ and the Church, driven by (from the husband's perspective) Christ's unfaltering, self-sacrificing devotion to his Bride.

The Pharisees responded, "If marriage imposes this level of responsibility, it is better to avoid it!"

Jesus seems to agree, but he qualifies the acknowledgement by explaining that although it very well may be more advantageous to remain unmarried ( as Paul chose to and as Jesus chose to), only a few men are capable of living sexually separate from women because exclusive, permanent, Agape-driven, sexual union with ONE woman is God's DESIGN for nearly all men.

The exception to this is eunuchs who have no desire for women because they (1) were forcibly neutered, (2) choose (by God's special grace) to remain celibate for religious purposes, or (3) are born without desire for sexual union with women.

Of the three categories, only category (2) is by God's design. Category (1) is obviously the result of evil decisions by oppressors. I believe that that category (3) is a broad category that covers all those who were born without natural sexual desire through some coding error in their DNA as a result of SIN and the FALL.

Some of these men (and women) are born (not created as such by God) with classic genetic disorders such as Klinefelter Syndrome, Turner syndrome; some suffer from insufficient hormonal production so that sexual desire and potency do not fully obtain, some are born with psychological issues like autism that make intimacy of any kind undesirable, and yes, some have an atypical balance of hormones or brain abnormalities that predispose them to desire the same sex/gender.

Yet, none of these category (3) results are by God's design. They are all a result of genetic errors, like the chemical imbalances in the brain that drive some people to seek the dopamine enhancing effects of certain drugs, or the chronically low leptin levels that some people experience that make overeating a constant temptation, etc.

All of the above leads to the question: "Why did God design humankind as male and female anyway?" Seriously. He could have made us genderless and caused us to procreate asexually like whiptale lizards. Why didn't He?

The answer becomes clear when we realize that God is AGAPE. AGAPE is defined by the indefatigable impetus to reach outside of itself and elevate something other than itself or its own image to the highest place of value. God was perfect in eternity without need for anyone or anything else. The fellowship and love between Father, Son, and Holy Ghost was all sufficient for ALL of God's needs.

YET, out of the Godhead arose (and continually arises) a desire and passion to pour Himself into another being (not keep this love flowing in a continuous self-feeding loop within the Godhead) so that this other being may know the inexpressible joy of God's self giving.

This is why we know that issues and behaviors including racism; abortion; sexual confusion; poverty; sickness; murder and every harm known to humans are not of God.

So if you were born with any of the above, remember - you can be Born Again.

In the Old Testament, people were wiped out in the midst of their issues. People were stoned and cities were burned down for sexual sins. It is now a new day people!

Even though the Bible loaded with insight on human sexuality on how to and how not to... people today are still perishing in their sins due to lack of knowledge. For instance, in Song of Solomon down to nibbling lilies in the garden, is a powerful lesson on both Agape and Erotic Love. By the way, does anyone really believe the male lover was eating flowers?

Today, we can discover in the New Testament, how Jesus, the Son of a God, introduced healing and deliverance with “ye who is without sin…” and “go and sin no more.”

Yes, the pure, untainted Blood of Jesus, pure unpolluted DNA which cannot die, is available. Why is this Blood pure? It is untainted by human DNA from an earthly father. Jesus supernatural birth exempted him from DNA pollution by the Usurper. He was not “born into sin.” So the Superhuman Blood of Jesus antidote is untainted. Weird but true.  So, let's all get that antidote why don't we?

After all, EVERY HUMAN BEING IS BORN INTO SIN because of the corporate crimes of the Usurper who tainted our human blood during the “fall of humanity”. Now, because of CREATOR’S GIFT, of JESUS THE SON OF GOD and HIS PRECIOUS SUPERHUMAN BLOOD, we can be born again and transformed.

Can we transform ourselves? Nicodemus asked Jesus that a long while back. The answer remains the same. No.

Follow up question: Can and will GOD help us? YES! With the precious gifts of ABIDING FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE! YES! THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE CAN BE BORN AGAIN!


In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court used common human law and reasoning to attempt to rewrite CREATOR'S plan.  

Mrs. Michelle Obama, Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said “love won” in The 2015 Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. Their allies in the LGBT movement have repeatedly asked “how can love be unconstitutional?”

Whether deliberate or not, this just serves to confuse the issue, 

Love is not the problem. You can love who you want. It’s the sex that is the problem. Sex is not the same as love. People get that mixed up even in marriage. Sex should be part of that marriage union as that is where children come from. Of course all the models we have today are broken. But that was the design. We have people all confused. How it got mixed up is a long story I can’t go into here. It would take days, but we have a lot of teaching to do on this issue.”

My dad A.D. King, Uncle MLK, and Granddaddy King passed on to me their beliefs on biblical marriage. Life is a human and civil right, so is procreative marriage.

Spiritually and biblically speaking, you can't put abortion and homosexual unions in the same category with blacks in the civil rights movement. Daddy, Uncle MLK and Granddaddy would never condone such attempts. 

Go back to the beginning

We must now go back to the beginning, starting with Genesis, and teach about God’s plan for marriage.

“Parents and families need to be teaching it too. Sexual abuse and improper touching was the problem when I was young but now the confusion is with who can marry who.

America and much of the world has lost God’s perspective on the issue of marriage and that’s why the U.S. Supreme Court was able to get away with ruling the way it did. Years of wrong teaching, or no teaching, preceded the ruling.

It's time to start from scratch and lay the foundation all over again.

So what we need to look at is, go back to the beginning and the purpose of marriage and family and human sexuality and how we can fix what got broken. When we began to abandon the Creator and the original plan, the original blueprint, and we began to go toward human design, that’s when the problems began to occur. When you don’t know the purpose of a thing — why and how something was designed — you will abuse it. And so we’re getting away from the original plan and the original design.

Common law vs. natural law

Confusion also reigns in deciphering the difference between common law and natural law. As a paralegal, an educator, and one who served two terms in the Georgia House in the 1970s and 1980s, I have studied the Bible, natural law, and human common law. 

I even read the other day about a law suit for millions of dollars by a homosexual man against Bible publishers. He says that the Bible's references to homosexuality have caused him harm and pain. He thinks winning the money and attempting to shut down Bible publishers will make him feel better?

As to the Supreme Court, they’re looking at the common law and man’s design, but the natural law is God’s law and God’s design, and natural law will line up with that. So to me theirs was a human common law decision. 

It is better to obey God’s law, I am bound to do that, and of course my uncle Dr. King, my grandfather Daddy King, my Daddy ADK would agree with me and many of my brothers and sisters in the clergy … Many of us have made a commitment to follow God’s law. 

Are we the final JUDGE? No. Do we mess up sometimes? Yes, and we can know that our Lord will be there to forgive us.

Remember we will all be “held accountable” in the end. 

Every Christian, everyone, you don’t have to be a Christian, will stand before God in the final judgment, but my Lord Jesus said ‘no one comes to the father except by me,’ and I can expect mercy from my Father, that is the Christian perspective. We will stand before God but we will have an advocate. Only the atheist says there is no God.”

The other mistake that many make, and I'm speaking now as a minister and author of several books on spiritual topics, is to misinterpret the nature of God.

God is love, but that’s not all God is.

The fullness of God is mercy and judgment and they both exist in the final reality. We often don’t model that well as Christians. I believe as Christians, and in the year 1983 I was born again and decided to follow God and serve God, I became very transparent about my mistakes — alcoholism, fornication, abortion. Before being born again I thought those things were OK, and now that I know they’re not OK I will speak of the liberty and the joy that I have from not having to be fearful and hide from my sins.

I have experienced two abortions, sexual trauma as a child, have had three husbands; yet now, like the woman at the well and woman caught in the act, I am forgiven. 

Even with my children, when I first told them about things that I had done that didn’t work for me, we had to pray and do a lot of healing. 

I've been divorced three times. And even today I don’t indulge in alcohol. I may have half a glass or at communion, because I know I was once an alcoholic, so I don't indulge. So when my children and I speak candidly they’re ready to avoid some of the pitfalls that I experienced.

You have to show the transformation. I used to be like this and now I’m not and how did I get to that ‘not’?”

Identifying the ‘author of confusion’

As a licensed, ordained minister and an evangelist, I will not preside over a same-sex wedding. I also won't  marry many who wish to say traditional vows. I have such an extensive counseling program that I have to put you through, they keep coming to me but they tend to drop out before we get to the altar. I don’t want them to have to go through what I went through (with divorce).”

Agape love is never a problem, it’s the Eros and the sex that can become a problem. The Usurper tries to hijack love. It’s just confusion.

And the Bible clearly identifies the “author of confusion.” It’s the devil. But we have to be watchful in our responses and not be hateful. And that’s where we fail as Christians. Love never fails, sometimes sex does.

Excerpt from a Charisma article:

"Thankfully, I was wrong about all of this. I requested a meeting with the pastor where I told her everything and I was met with love and respect. I was also shown exactly what the Bible says about homosexuality and it was made clear to me that it was unacceptable and wrong. I came away from that meeting still feeling welcome and accepted in the church, but understanding that homosexuality is a sin like any other sin. I understood that the Word of God is more important than anything else, and He is the answer to all of my problems. It did not take very long before I was completely delivered from the homosexual lifestyle and I totally renounced it. God did for me what I had been unwilling or unable to do for myself."

Important scripture references; and additional research links regarding sexual sins (including but not limited to homosexuality)

    • *Sex between men
    • Leviticus 18:21-22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:27); *Refers to intercourse between women (Romans 1:26); *Genesis 19:1-13 (in Sodom where the men outside wanted to have sex with the visiting Angles). *Refers to rape (Genesis 19:5, Judges 19:22)
    • *Refers to sexual sins such as pornography, masturbation, and other sexual issues: "Now the [sinful]works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,”

  • (Galatians 5:19 KJV)



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