Upcoming Abortion Videos: Handling Butchered Baby Parts Leads to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Austin Ruse

Document Publication: Breitbart News Network - Breitbart.com

July 22, 2015

On Washington DC radio, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life gave tantalizing details of upcoming videos to be released by the Center for Medical Progress from their undercover sting operation against Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby parts business.
Talking to Larry O’Connor and Brian Wilson on WMAL “Mornings on the Mall”, Pavone said upcoming videos will include interviews with Planned Parenthood personnel who have had to handle internal organs taken for sale from aborted babies. He said handling baby hearts, lungs, livers and brains can be debilitating and has given some of them post traumatic stress disorder.
The process in the baby-parts business includes killing the child in utero, extricating the body, and then picking through the corpse to extract the body parts that have been ordered by StemExpress or other companies who then resell them to research institutes.
Many former abortion clinic workers have left the business traumatized at what they have seen in the front lines of the abortion business. The mangled bodies of butchered babies can leave an indelible mark on the psyche of nurses and doctors.
Pavone’s announcement is the first time in the new campaign that upcoming videos have been previewed. Pavone said he has been on the inside of the investigation for many months.

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