Snowstorm Not Stopping March for Life Protesters

Paul Stranc

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Publication Date: January 22, 2016

WASHINGTON --The March for Life is just one of many activities marking Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion. Since then, some 57 million babies have been aborted in America.

Those gathering in the nation's capitol in advance of Friday's march are doing what they can to end the killing.

For instance, bitter cold and dangerous ice didn't stop the more than 100 pro-life demonstrators gathered Thursday morning to protest the building of a Planned Parenthood going up in a low-income district in D.C.

Lauren Handy, with the group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, was among the protestors, but stood in the street trying to stop drivers as they passed the construction site. Why?

"To be a peaceful public witness to the fact that killers are coming soon," she explained to CBN News. "I've been out here on a weekly basis and there are people in the neighborhood who still don't know that a Planned Parenthood is coming."

Joe Scheidler, with the Pro-Life Action League, came all the way from Chicago for the March for Life and to protest this planned abortion facility and its location.

"It's interesting to see where they build them: near schools where they can get the young people," Scheidler said. "Like this one's right next to a middle school."

Movement leaders said protests like this are crucial.

"We should be out here every single day at this place, this death camp that's being built," Monica Miller, with Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, said. "And ideally we should be blocking the doors. We should be putting our bodies in front of the construction equipment."

"Part of what we're doing here is to say to the local community, 'Abortion is going to stop when you want it to stop,'" Father Frank Pavone, national director for Priests for Life, said.

"To the local churches: come out, bring your people here," he added. "Because then, even if they succeed in building it, they're not going to do it without the protests of the people of God, who know that there is no such thing as legitimate business in killing children."

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