Majority of Pro-Choicers Would Restrict Abortion in America

Paul Strand

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Publication Date: January 20, 2016

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WASHINGTON -- A large majority of even pro-choice people want most abortions restricted. That's just one startling headline from a new survey released at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Tuesday.

This massive new survey on abortion restrictions hits just three days before the annual March for Life in the nation's capitol Friday.

The survey by Marist Poll and Knights of Columbus of nearly 1,700 adults shows 81 percent of Americans and 82 percent of women would restrict abortion to the first trimester.


"It does get the attention of our elected officials, even the members of the Supreme Court. They see the crowds. They know that we're there," Father Frank Pavone, with Priests for Life, pointed out. "And they're being  told in a very peaceful, loving way, we're not going away. And we're going to insist on the changes that need to be made to protect the unborn."

"For people to come together with common beliefs is awesome. Because of course we're praying to God to rid our land of the sin of abortion, but  to come together in unity," Janet Morana, the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, said. "It really encourages us so that we can go home to our highways and byways and we can continue to work all year long because we've got our batteries recharged."

"When we have the conviction inside of us that the unborn have to be protected, by expressing that conviction outward - by marching, by praying out loud, by being with large groups of people - it strengthens that conviction in us," Pavone added.


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