Zika: Brazilian Archdiocese says 'nothing justifies abortion' amid calls for laws to be relaxed

Zika has been linked to brain damage in babies

Kashmira Gander

Document Publication: Independent.co.uk

Publication Date: February 04, 2016

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The Vatican has not yet issued a statement on the situation, despite Zika spreading through Catholic countries. 

However, local religious figures have adressed calls to make abortion illegal. 

Researchers, activists and lawyers who previously won a Supreme Court ruling to allow abortion procedure in cases of the anencephaly birth defect are now launching a similar case for microcephaly.   

Reverend Luciano Brito, a spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, said “Nothing justifies an abortion,” the New York Times reported. 

“Just because a foetus has microcephaly won’t make us favourable [to changing the law],” he said. 

Reverend Father Frank Pavone, national director of US-based anti-abortion group Priests for Life, said Catholics should not use birth control despite the threat of Zika. 

“That prohibition doesn't change based on circumstances,” he told CNN.

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