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Fr. Pavone Thanks Donald Trump for Key Message to Christians

Priests for Life

June 13, 2016

NEW YORK -- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, thanked Donald Trump today for the speech he gave on Friday, June 10 at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C. In the speech, he hit on themes of key concerns to Christians. Mr. Trump acknowledged, at the outset of his remarks, the presence of Fr. Frank and other key religious leaders in the audience.

Fr. Frank stated, "Mr. Trump was crystal clear about the need to defend and promote the sanctity of life, to preserve the institution of marriage, to appoint pro-life judges, and to protect religious liberty. In fact, he mentioned explicitly the efforts of some to "restrict religious liberty with government mandates." Priests for Life was among the first group to challenge the HHS mandate in court, and our case went all the way to the Supreme Court and is still unresolved.

"I also appreciate Mr. Trump's assertion, "We will protect the right of Churches to speak their minds on political matters, free from intimidation." This is the key message of my book Abolishing Abortion, in which I call on the Church to abandon the self-censorship that is so prevalent and so unnecessary, even within the current structure of the law."

After his speech, Fr. Frank, along with other key religious leaders who were present, greeted Mr. Trump and thanked him for his stand on these issues of critical importance.

For a transcript of Mr. Trump’s speech, click here.

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Mark Muntz says:
11/16/2016 5:59:26 PM
I have read some of the comments form all those who are bitter and twisted, so here is my message to them.... Wake up to yourselves...Do you want to be part of the culture of life or of death? I choose life and so does Donald Trump. We have an opportunity to save the lives of the unborn for the first time since 1974. It is not Donald Trump doing all the work. It is also Mike Pence and many others to get to this point. God is leading us. All you have to do is listen and pray !!!

Sonny Moon says:
10/18/2016 3:10:14 PM
Churches are welcome to speak their minds on political matters (and support political candidates), as long as they give up their tax-exempt status. Seems like a fair trade-off to me.

Anne says:
10/7/2016 9:02:37 PM
Do you really believe that Donald Trump is pro-life? He is using you to gain power and you are using him... but at what cost? He does not value life or respect women. He will NOT do the right thing under pressure. Lord have mercy.

Margaret says:
8/7/2016 2:16:12 PM
It continues to amaze and disgust that people who consider themselves good Catholics do not have the moral acuity to see that Donald Trump is the * only * candidate who even comes close to defending life in the womb. I believe anyone who vehemently rejects Trump calling him offensive, is too wrapped up in being politically correct. I hope they are willing to accept the judgment they will receive for stiffening their necks, hardening their hearts and out of moral superiority and hubris, rejecting the only viable candidate for Life whom God has placed before us. If they would only go beyond the superficial appearance to see his heart and listen objectively to what he is proposing. Both sides are crystal clear in their agenda. But some are blind and deaf. If only they were mute.
Thank you Father Pavone for trying to rouse the sleeping giant though I fear it will be too late for them and for the babies and for our world.

Mary says:
7/5/2016 9:14:17 AM
Donald Trump is a mirror, exposing us for who we really are. I don't like what I see.

Damian says:
6/17/2016 5:24:31 AM
Well, Father, I guess Donald Trump lied to you again.

So, can Our pro life leaders start talking about the Castle/Bradley ticket of the Constitution Party?

Kerry says:
6/16/2016 7:40:02 AM
Honestly, so much finger pointing, vicious attacks. What ever happened to simply agreeing to disagreeing without verbal, disgusting assault. Why are these Hillary supporters so full of hate against another human being. Simply to not vote for Trump, period. Why attack a man of God, why attack anyone?

Damian says:
6/15/2016 7:46:32 AM
Has the proverbial wheels come of of your bus??
Check out what Trump says at 8:20 into this Q&A live broadcast from the Today Show.
Ever think of backing the Constitution Party?

Juanita Williams says:
6/14/2016 2:45:08 PM
I am a Catholic and sickened that a priest would support a man with such disregard for truth. Does he really believe what Drumpf claims. He uses such rhetoric to win over anyone who is dumb enough to listen and believe. He mocks the disabled, demeans women, incites violence, and only listens to one God. That would be himself and his money. Fr. Pavone overlooks all this while supporting such a miserable demigogue.
Take off your collar, Father, you are not fit to follow.

Marlys Dotzenrod says:
6/14/2016 1:32:22 PM
Trump is far from a perfect candidate, but under Hilary the "sanctity of human life" would be wiped out completely! Abortion would be rampant as would the sale of baby organs; euthanasia would be legal; and marriage between one man and one woman would be history! Even though under Obama, this is already taking place, it would be ramped up and we can't allow this to happen!

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