Priest: Abortion Industry Will End 'No Matter How the Court Wants to Prop It Up'

Charlie McKenna

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Publication Date: June 27, 2016

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House Bill 2, the Texas law requiring abortion clinics to meet various health standards, was overturned by the Supreme Court on Monday in a 5-3 decision that set a national precedent to block all such laws across the U.S.

The Texas legislature created HB2 in 2013 in response to the Kermit Gosnell scandal, which uncovered unsanitary clinic conditions and cruel abuse of mothers and unborn children alike in an abortion clinic in Philadelphia. The law required abortion clinics to meet the same structural and sanitary standards as the state's licensed ambulatory centers, and mandated that abortion doctors have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  


But the pro-life movement does not seem discouraged by this setback. Fr. Frank Pavone, president of Priests for Life, told MRCTV that the decision “is simply a government effort to prop up a crumbling abortion industry."

"The abortion industry is in collapse, and that is why we will see the end to it, no matter how the Court wants to prop it up," Pavone claimed.

When asked whether the HB2 regulations were (as opponents of the law claim) simply a catalyst to pro-life legislation that simply used "women’s health" as a buzzword, he responded, “You can’t practice vice virtuously. If you kill children, you’ll be violating all kinds of other norms as well.”

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