U.S. Supreme Court sends Zubik case back to lower courts

Carol Zimmermann

Document Publication: Catholic News Service - Washington, DC

Publication Date: May 17, 2016

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WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The U.S. Supreme Court May 16 sent the Zubik v. Burwell case, which challenges the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive requirement for employers, back to the lower courts.

The justices' unanimous decision, explained in a nine-page unsigned opinion, was based on the information that both sides submitted a week after oral arguments were heard in the case about how and if contraceptive insurance coverage could be obtained by employees through their insurance companies without directly involving religious employers who object to this coverage.


Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, another of the plaintiffs, said he and other in his organization are "studying the implications of this development and are encouraged by it."

He said the group, in response to the court's request for more information, showed that there is "a way for the government to pursue its objectives without burdening our freedom of religion. We are ready to present these new arguments in the court of appeals."

This is not the first time the court has sent a case back to the lower courts in light of new developments.


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