Move to Florida was a bonus for gift entry’s Chrissy Kessler

Priests for Life

Publication Date: January 03, 2019

We continue here our series highlighting the members of the Priests for Life Family who serve or have served on our staff and pastoral team.

Left to Right: Chrissy, Fr. Frank, Joe Kessler and Patti Kessler

Priests for Life’s announcement in early 2016 that the ministry was relocating from Staten Island to Florida at the end of 2017 was the best possible news for Christine (Chrissy) Kessler. She and her twin sister, Patti, had been contemplating a move to the Sunshine state. Chrissy, a Staten Island native and lifelong resident, was happy to make the move without needing to update her resume or face the uncertainty of a new job.

She started as a temp at Priests for Life.

“I came to work at Priests for Life because I needed a job and the gift entry department needed help. One employee, Marie Saile, was in St. Lucia on bereavement and another, Anthony, was on disability with a broken shoulder. I was supposed to be a temp for three months.” That was in 2004.

As the head of the department, her duties include “managing anything that has to do with donations and monthly gifts,” she says. Chrissy also helps in the data and finance departments.

“I was born and have always been pro-life,” Chrissy says. “It is in my blood and it has always been a family thing.” She’s grateful to be able to work in a pro-life ministry.

“This is not like any other job. It’s a family. Priests for Life has been a big support for my family especially in the last year. My mom and sister also worked here and my dad volunteers.”

Chrissy concedes that the work can be a challenge.

“It’s not always easy but isn’t that true with any job,” she says. “The work always comes first and sometimes it is a lot but Father Frank and Janet Morana are always willing to listen and assign help if in need. They are like family. Janet always cares about us as people and not just as part of the staff.”

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