For former staffer, Priests for Life will always be “home”

Priests for Life

Publication Date: February 11, 2019

We continue here our series highlighting the members of the Priests for Life Family who serve or have served on our staff and pastoral team.

Left to Right: Chrissy Kessler, Fr. Frank, Joe Kessler and Patti Kessler

When Patti Kessler learned that Priests for Life was moving from New York to Florida, she couldn’t have been happier.

She and her twin sister, Christine Kessler, had decided to give living in Florida a try, and the ministry’s move came at the perfect time.

“I work at my new job remotely and my sister took the opportunity Priests for Life gave her and relocated,” says the Staten Island native. “This was a great opportunity.”

Patti worked part-time in the Priests for Life Finance Department while she was in college, and continued in the post for a time after she graduated.

“My mom, Teresa Kessler, was the office manager of Priests for Life from the mid 90's. I have known Janet since I was 3 years old and Fr. Frank since I was 8. I really believe in the mission and what they stand for.

“In fact, the mission hits home for me. In high school, one of our friends had to leave school as her parents forced her to have an abortion. We grew up knowing what it was and what happens to not only the baby, but the mother.”

Patti enjoyed her time at Priests for Life.

“I loved working there,” she says. “I have made great friends and some I still keep in touch with. A few are like family to me. Going into Priests for Life now is like going home for me. Since my mom is no longer with us, having Janet in my life still is wonderful. Father Frank has always been gracious and kind to us. His kindness and support was even more humbling after Mom passed. Priests for Life will always be ‘home.’ I'm glad my sister works there still and we had this opportunity to move down to Florida and still be part of the PFL family.”

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