Priests for Life Blasts Clinton on Veto

Priests for Life

Publication Date: April 10, 1996


Father Frank Pavone, International Director of "Priests for Life", a network of over 40,000 Roman Catholic Priests and Deacons, blasted President Clinton today for his veto of H.R.1833, The Partial Birth Abortion Act.

"The Partial Birth Abortion procedure is one of the many proofs of how extreme the so called "pro-choice" movement is," stated Fr. Pavone. "The President's veto of the ban of this gruesome procedure not only contradicts the votes of both houses of congress and the convictions of 71% of the American people, but it proves how dangerous the "pro-choice" mentality is. Those who put choice above life at one stage will find it hard not to do the same at later stages. A threshold is crossed when one decides it is ok to kill a baby --- and no one is safe on the other side of that threshold.

In condemning the President's veto, Father Pavone cited the nature of partial-birth abortions. The procedure requires the abortionist to pull the baby by its legs out of the mother's womb, exposing all but the head. Then surgical scissors are thrust into the base of the skull and the baby's brain is sucked out.

"Every abortion takes an innocent human life," said Father Pavone, "and this procedure brutally kills the baby when already partially delivered. This fact is so appalling that it defies belief. Anyone who intends to speak or vote in favor of this president should be fully informed of what partial birth abortion is , and about what Mr. Clinton has done to see that it remains part of American life."

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