Prayer Campaign for Victory in SCOTUS Abortion Case June Medical Services vs. Gee

Priests for Life

January 06, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today announced the launch of a new prayer campaign centered around the Louisiana abortion law that will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court on March 4.

“For the first time since 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a case directly dealing with abortion, and it is the first such case in which Justices Neil Gorsuch and Bret Kavanaugh will have a vote in the outcome,” Father Pavone said. “At issue is a Louisiana law, the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act, by which, among other things, abortionists are required to have hospital admitting privileges in nearby hospitals.

“At issue likewise is a cross-petition filed by Louisiana challenging the standing of abortionists to sue on behalf of women who have abortions. As we know, these abortionists do not have any close relationship with these women, and it is a conflict of interest for them to challenge in court the very regulations that would protect these women from actions of these same abortionists.”

Briefs from members of Congress and from many pro-life groups, including Priests for Life, have been filed. Priests for Life also will lead a rally in front of the Supreme Court on the day oral arguments are heard.  A decision is expected in late June.

“We invite you to join the prayer campaign from now until the decision of the Court is handed down,” Father Pavone said. “The prayer I have written for this special intention is at”

Priests for Life is the world’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated exclusively to ending abortion. For more information, visit www.EndAbortion.US.

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guy says:
1/15/2020 1:41:48 PM
equaly trump has NOT appointed "prolife" supreme court judges
not a chance, during the hearings they said NO we will not interfere with roevwade because it is precedent
these clows are legalists,lawyers, clowns who seek career on the bench, to be the "heros" in history,I was on the supreme court
they are the slaves of the superpowers that dictate death to the innnocents
you pavone are either criminal or a complete fool to believe that trump's appointments will ever change anything,
all you can do is watch how to democrats get away with legalising until the moment of birth, the same goes on now in england where a wicked evil bitch like ann furedi head of the abortion maffia clinics BPAS got a doctorate in canterbury cathedral in movember 2019 WITH the approval of its dean,a "priest" of all people
no problem for the anglican "church" of satan,the same goes for the socalled catholic church,henchmen of the nazis you are ,in blood you will pay for your crimes against God

stop lying pavone, you have cheated decent people for many years telling them that abortion will end,all you want is our money ,you will get none from me,nor will any politician get my vote, I vote for no evil like that of hitler ,stalin or polpot
I european lost my career because I opposed abortion, it was the most noble thing I ever did, but it ruined me and made me poor in finances but rich in my love for the Lord my God who will judge on my last hour

guy says:
1/15/2020 12:58:34 PM
ALL supreme court justices have decided that roevwade is legal en precedent
ALL of them in their own words pavone
you are lying about this ,the entire prolife movement except
do you think we are all stupid like you miserable traitor of a wicked priest
you are EVIL like dolan that fool


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