Sample Homily: Looking Beyond Appearances

Fr. Frank Pavone

Priests for Life, Titusville, FL

January 01, 1998

In a few moments, at the altar, a miracle will occur. We will hear Christ's words, "This is My Body," and a piece of bread will cease to be bread and will become Christ's Body. We will be on our knees in adoration. This is an immense act of faith, for our eyes will tell us that the Host is still bread. Sight will not find any difference between the Body of Christ and a piece of bread. If we today can look at the Host and say, "Yes, that is Christ! , then we can also look at one another and say, "Christ is in YOU!" We can look at the poor, the tattered, the unattractive, and say, "Christ is there; He loves that person and died for that person." We can look at the person who annoys us, or disgusts us, or offends us, and say, "Even there, Christ is present." Faith goes beyond sight, and allows love to go to work where it might not otherwise go.

It is the same with a whole class of people whose rights are forgotten in our society: the pre-born boys and girls. Because these children are still in their mothers' wombs, some people do not see them as equal to the rest of us. Some say they can be destroyed by abortion. Today, those pre-born babies ask us what Christ once asked His apostles, "Who do you say that I am?" Do we see them as our brothers and sisters? Do we see them as people whom Christ brought into being and for whom He suffered and died? Just as we see Christ here in the Host, beyond the appearances of bread and wine, can we also see Christ in the pre-born child, beyond the veil of the womb? Can we see our brothers and sisters there, beyond the veil of slogans and propaganda that call them merely "tissues" or "blood clots" or "products of conception" or "choices"? Who are they, anyway?

In a moment, a miracle will happen here. Bread will become Christ. Let another miracle happen, too. Let the pre-born babies become our brothers and sisters, whom we as a society will love, protect, and defend! May Christ reveal Himself to us in them! Through us may He reveal them to the world!


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